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Mar 13, 2009 02:52 PM

HELP - Corned Beef/Brisket

I have been wanting to make a brisket recipe from the New Basics Cookbook. It is brisket, with onions, tomato paste, carrots. Simple and is supposed to be very good.

I sent my husband to the butcher and he just came back with corned beef brisket - which I believe is just a cured brisket? I am not very familiar with either and need to know if I just need to abandon my original recipe and if so, any advice on corned beef preparation would be appreciated. UGH.

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  1. Corned beef brisket is a brined beef brisket, not what you should use for your recipe. Abandon your original recipe or you should go to the butcher and ask for a beef brisket. The butcher should know what a beef brisket is.
    Corned beef is popular right now because of St. Pat's Day. If you put corned beef into the search function there will be several posts on corned beef.

    1. Yes, corned beef & brisket are different. Same cut of meat, but the corned is brined, and much more salty, and doesn't take to much more seasoning, since it is , well, already seasoned.

      Braise it in a large pot of water, with onions, carrots & potatoes, and you have a traditional Irish corned beef dinner. Add wedges of green cabbage, and it's even more authentic. But I usually don't make this, my husband not a fan of corned, or "pink" as he calls it, meat. But if you need a recipe for braised onion brisket, I have a good one that is super easy.

      1. And if you're not a fan of Cabbage, braise it up and make Reuben Sandwiches and/or Corned Beef Hash.

        1. Here's the recipe I'm hoping to try for St. Patty's:
          Good luck!