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Mar 13, 2009 02:36 PM

Best Vegan Desserts?

Wondering if anyone knows of good places to get vegan but rich, normal tasting desserts. Tried M Cafe, but theirs tastes "off", aka vegan-y. Thanks!

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  1. Vegan desserts will always taste like vegan desserts and it's best when they aren't trying to approximate something else. Places like Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in Venice has vegan desserts that I find very tasty. Raw food cuisine isn't for everyone. I'm an omnivore, not a vegan, and I enjoy the food there.

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    1. re: mmontgomery

      real food daily in santa monica has good vegan desserts in general
      intelligentsia in silver lake has good vegan donuts in the morning

      i don't agree with the theory that vegan versions of common desserts are necessarily substantially inferior. rather, they're usually substantially inferior, often because the chefs have other idiosyncrasies like kooky preferences for agave nectar and other ruinous ingredients.

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        I totally agree aventinus. It's not hard to make really good vegan desserts, it's just that some of the vegan chefs tend to have "interesting" ideas.

        Speaking of which, Native Foods has a very decent pumpkin pie during the holidays, but when you buy a cake slice (or two in my case), they're awful, just terrible. Their chocolate cake is dry and dense (how can you manage this) and their carrot cake comes with this really weird citrus frosting. Veggie Grill's version is a thousand times better.

        1. re: aventinus

          "agave nectar and other ruinous ingredients."
          what, pray tell, do you find "ruinous" about agave?

      2. I've never tried them but Jamaica's Cakes usually has at least a couple of vegan yum-yums displayed in their case on a regular basis. They also have a menu sheet with vegan goods that can be ordered as well.

        1. i think the vegan chocolate cake at Urth Caffe has a lot of fans.

          other thoughts would be Akasha in Culver City or Jax Vegan Cafe in Westwood.

          though i'm sure you've already tried it or heard about it, skip Mani's Bakery.

          i did a quick Google search and found this site that might offer a few worthwhile suggestions:

          1. M Cafe is hit or miss, depending on what you order (but if you're vegan, you know that's the case with many restaurant items....some great...some hate). I love M's chocolate chip cookie, strawberry cupcake, banana/chocolate cream cake, and fruit tarts (their strawberry shortcake is sometimes great, depending on it's freshness that day). The rest, not so much.
            Real Food Daily has a good almond cookie, chocolate cake w/ whip filling, and tirimasu. The rest of the items haven't impressed.
            As an aside, my fave store-bought soy icecream was Soy Delicious dulce de leche, or Decadent's peanut butter and chocolate.........

            1. I heard The Sensitive Baker in Culver City is good. Maybe not "vegan" but diary/gluten free. But they just close so darn early on Friday which is when we tend to order desserts.

              Sensitive Baker
              10836 1 2 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA

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              1. re: sparkyk

                now i'm confused... do you need vegan, or DF/GF?

                FYI, most of the products from the Sensitive Baker are *not* vegan (they use eggs), but they do have a few - one cookie, one muffin, a cupcake that you need to order in advance (and maybe one or two more items). everything there is, however, gluten- and dairy-free.

                they have a product list on their website:

                just click the link to download the menu.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  Yeah, sorry if that was confusing. I technically just need dairy free but we're just used to going to vegan places in the area for our desserts.

                  1. re: sparkyk

                    got it. well, in that case, you should also check out some kosher bakeries...and any gelato places that have soy gelato - Scoops in LA & Al Gelato in SM for starters.