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Mar 13, 2009 02:05 PM

Astaria San Mateo - don't bother

I recently ate here because of a discount - but really not worth it.

Pizza - pedestrian - over cheesed such that the otherwise pleasant tomato sauce couldn't be tasted (I found this out after taking leftovers home and taking 2/3 cheese off and reheating)

Fried chicken over mashed potatoes - described as "a big portion" it was ?one thin breast but into 4 or five pieces over a pile of mash potatoes and some ?gravy. So the actual chicken meat was dry and tastless - overbreaded, but it was fried crisp - except for the whole bottom that was ruined by absorbing moisture from the potatoes it sat on. ?gravy was a thin liquid that looked and tasted like an overly salty (and I love salt) au jus ????

Paella a bit pricey for what it was ($15 at lunch)- the best of the lot, excellent flavor to the rice - but a portion so small it should have been listed as an appetizer. ONE small clam and ONE mussel, tasteless and awful chicken (so bad I spit it out - what is with their chicken?), and less than about 8 oz of rice. It did have some very nice pieces of baby octopus which to their credit were not overcooked!

The setting is nice - white tablecloths, less than attentive waiters given the waiter to guest ratio - no one ever checked if my meal was okay - had to flag down someone to refill water.

When I left I felt sorry I hadn't eaten at Hotaru across the street - better food, 1/4 the cost (but no tablecloths ;)

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  1. Had a similar experience for brunch - the dishes we had were flavorless and quite unmemorable. It's too bad because it's a nice space that has potential.

    1. It seems this place has gone downhill. I ate there a few years ago and the food was quite good. The service was very good to start but didn't end very well. Too bad.

      1. Thanks for the warning

        50 East 3rd Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401