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Mar 13, 2009 01:53 PM

New to Chinatown DC

Today I grabbed lunch at the Urfa Tomato Kabob, a new small takeout place on 6th just south of H ST. My falafel sandwich was quite good, well seasoned, on very fresh bread, and came with tasty sauces. They also have doner kabob of lamb and beef or chicken. It all looks quite good. They even have "Euro doner" (like a French "sandwiche grec"), kabob meat topped with French fries, that would be a great late night post-drinking snack. They're only open till 11pm though. Anyways, just wanted to pass it along. Sandwiches are all $6, and they have free delivery (202-347-1178).
I've noticed a couple other new places in the neighborhood too, and wonder if any Chowhounders have given them a try. There's "Pizza Pasta Bar" on H near 7th. We usually get our carryout pizza from Matchbox, but they often ignore phone calls and are a hassle (though the pizza is great), so I hope this new place is good.
I've also yet to try Momiji, which is further down at 5th and H. Is there sushi any good? I would love good sushi nearby, but the place is on a corner that seems to not get as much business, is that fish fresh?

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  1. The "pizza pasta bar" may be Vapiano. There's also one in the Golden Triangle area. The food is decent, prepared fresh, but there's an absurd ordering system. You get a card when you go in, and then you stand in line at various stations (salad, pasta, etc.) to get your food. Your card is swiped to add items which are then tallied at checkout. It can be quite annoying if there are several of you and you want to eat from several stations.

    I like Momiji. Fish has been fresh on two occasions I have been there. I watched one of the sushi chefs deftly deconstruct a huge fish one day during a lull in dining action. So at least on that day, the stuff was just off the bone! The lunch specials are a great deal.

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      You're right, it is Vapiano, I had forgotten it had that name. Sounds like it may be better for carry out than going out to eat, we'll see. Thanks for the good thoughts on Momiji, I'll be sure to head down there for lunch soon.

      1. there's just not enough falafel in DC IMHO.

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          Or doner kebabs. I'm trying this place today.

        2. I wasn't all that impressed with Urfa
          - the lamb kabob was more like gyro shavings
          - the athens sandwich was underwhelming

          What killed me was the two 1 inch cubes of falafel for 3.25.

          If you want cheap Mediterranean for lunch, there are 3 nearby food courts (national shops, reagan building, and old post office) that offer much better.

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          1. re: WestIndianArchie

            I thought the food was pretty good but thought the management was kind of rude, and they were stingy with portions.

            1. re: Jacey

              I had the Euro doner with the fries inside, and they weren't stingy at all. For $6 it was a good deal for me.

              1. re: Jacey

                Staff has always been good to me, but I generally go around 3/4 when business is slow.

              2. re: WestIndianArchie

                Can you recommend an OVERwhelming Athens sandwich in the neighborhood for $6? Because Quick Pita doesn't cut it for me and although I like Port of Piraeus, their gyro is closer to $11.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  I honestly can't. I still haven't been to "Greek Deli", but that's not really in the neighborhood.

                2. re: WestIndianArchie

                  that's too bad about the portions that you got for the falafel sandwich. I got four huge ones in my sandwich on Tuesday, June 23. Though, I did ask for extra hummus and when I opened it up the pita, I had to look hard and long for it.

                  Though, I find it be a nice alternative for that neck of the woods.