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Mar 13, 2009 01:12 PM

Goat curry in Denver?

Man, I'd love me some goat curry right about now. Anyone know of any Caribbean place in town where it's available?

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  1. Does Caribbean Cuisine Plus More (East Illife, Aurora) still exist?

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      Doesn't appear to....but nice call! Got any other thoughts?

      1. re: ClaireWalter

        Caribbean Cuisine + is longer there, and it was never that good anyway from my personal experience, imho, although Sheehan in Westword loved it (which is how I heard about it in the first place).

        1. re: rlm

          RLM - I think that's where I heard about it too. For a while there was a Caribbean restaurant in Boulder County called I + I ( or I & I). First they were in Boulder, across the street from Liquor Mart, I think, then at locations in Nederland. Folded a couple of years ago, but I don't think they had goat curry -- and even it they did, it's too late for Tatamagouche's craving. .

      2. Caribbean Bakery
        2934 E. Colfax Ave

        Been over a year since I have been there, I think it is still there. I am pretty sure i have seen curry goat on the menu there, but it may not be there every day. You could probably call and ask.

        I need to go to that place again. Not amazing, but pretty good.

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        1. re: nateco

          Dang, you're full of recs! Thanks!

        2. I FOUND SOME!

          At India's Pearl. I still want it Caribbean-style, but to find it at all, in two different versions, was sheer serendipity. Pics here.

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          1. re: tatamagouche

            Glad you found it, but if it doesn't have to be curry and/or Caribbean, goat is on the April menu at Six89 in Carbondale: "MILK & HONEY ROASTED SONOMA GOAT,
            truffled chevre agnolotti, greens, charred tomato, reggiano 11"

            1. re: ClaireWalter

              That's awesome! Thx for the tip, Claire!

              1. re: tatamagouche

                Another non-Caribbean goat dish will be part of Juanita's 26th anniversary feast on June 13. They occasionally offer it when they do tequile dinners and the like. See

            2. re: tatamagouche

              I found goat curry last night at Tandoori's in south Boulder. I never would have thought to try it except for this thread and I really enjoyed it so thank you! Leftovers will make a delightful dinner this evening.

              1. re: RobynS

                Great! How's that place in general?

                1. re: tatamagouche

                  It's the first time I'd been but it came highly recommended by a friend who used to go there during grad school with her Indian friends. We had tandoori chicken (the best I've ever had), aloo mutter, chicken tikka masala, samosas, and keema naan amongst us and all was very good. The service was patient (our friends got caught in a dui checkpoint and delayed) and friendly and when one dish didn't come out with the rest (the goat curry!) I think our main server almost blew a gasket by the looks on his face he was not happy! I will definitely return.

            3. I just heard word that goat'll be on the menu at Elway's during Harvest Week...actually Harvest Week's seeming like the way cooler little sib of RW.

              1. Just a note that I saw that Namaste (Meadows Shopping Center in Boulder, Baseline and Foothills) has added goat curry to their menu. I haven't tried it yet, but I should soon since I live nearby.

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