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Mar 13, 2009 01:06 PM

Thai Chiles-Use and Storage

I picked up a container of Thai chiles at the grocery. There are probably 30-35 chiles in there. I am planning on making two Thai recipes in the near future and will probably use 8 chiles total. How long should I expect the rest to last? Also, they were in a plastic tub in the chilled section of the produce. Should I keep them in the fridge? I always thought chiles should be stored at room temperature. Any easy ideas for the leftovers before they go bad? Pickle them? Dry them?

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  1. You can dice them and pour vinegar over them and add a garlic clove, that'll make them last for a year if in thr frig. You can also dice and cover them with fish sauce like they do in Thai restaurants.

    They are perishable and depending on how fresh they were when you got them, they'll last 3-14 days in the fridge--I always put them in the crisper in the bottom and put a paper towel to wick excess moisture. Also, it helps if every few days you look for ones starting to go bad--it's first noticable near the stem--they start to get a little darker. Pull those and toss or use immediately...You can freeze them too--won't be perfect, but will add needed punch to dishes..

    1. I freeze Thai bird chilies as is in a plastic bag. They last for ages.

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        Ditto. I grow them in my garden and at the end of the season just clean them and throw them whole into a zip lock bag. They're so little you don't even need to thaw them before chopping and using.

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          Thanks for the info. I am very excited that I will now have Thai chiles whenever I want them. I can' t always get them at the regular grocery and try and avoid going to Whole Foods too often because I always wind up spending more than I should.

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          We get tons of chilis via our CSA and we grow them as well, and this is what we do, too. Works really well.