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Mar 13, 2009 12:47 PM

Michel Roux's Apple Tart recipe

I'm going to be making this tart from Michel Roux's book entitled "Pastry". I'm wondering if anyone has made it, as there's a misprint in the recipe re the tart pan size. The book says to use a pan/ring 9 1/2 inches in diameter and 1/8 inch high. I have a tart pan 9 inches diameter x 1 1/2 inches high which I think would be fine. I realize that this is not a major issue but I thought I'd see if anyone had any comments...

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  1. Oops, I was just about to write that I could help you out here when I realized I only have The Roux Brothers Cookbook and the only apple tart is a tarte tatin which uses a frying pan.

    I don't think it'd matter much, unless you used one that was LESS than 1/8" high. That sounds like a typo to me. Go with the 1 1/2 inch high pan and let us know how it turned out.

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      Will do! I've never used a Michel Roux recipe; this is a great book with mouth-watering recipes!

      1. re: kevinm

        The Roux Bros are pretty great in my estimation. I haven't made anything lately, but everything I've made has been stellar, including that tarte tatin.

        1. re: oakjoan

          Not a success. Pastry was OK but there wasn't enough apple sauce filling for this pan. Taste mediocre only. I much prefer the Normandy Apple Tart recipe in Dorie Greenspan's book.

    2. Hi there,

      I haven't tried the pate brisee, but on page 10 Michel tells you to roll the pastry 5-7 cm larger all round than the tin or ring, depending on the depth. Pate brisee is quite crumbly so I tried the easier pate sucre which is probably more like a traditional English apple pie. It is easily the most malleable pastry than our English shortcrust. You could probably roll it out to 1mm thick, even less, although Michel advises 3mm. If you've got the book I recommend the rum ba bas, i'm probably going to be living off them for months to come as I made a large batch and froze have kept half in the freezer. They were a practice run for my grandad's 90th birthday bash in May, as he loves Rum and they'll be about 200 guests coming!!!! I'm just wondering where to get crystallised violets, someone mentioned to me that they are originally from Toulouse in France? Does anyone have any ideas? I do have some violets growing wild in the garden, but I'm not sure if they are an edible variety and don't really know how to crystallise..any advice?