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Mar 13, 2009 12:35 PM

tuscany more or bologna stop

Okay, so we're going to italy for 12 nights end of april into may. I've traveled there in college some, but my husband's first time. We are big foodies and wine lovers and are planning at this point, to be in Venice for 2 nights, driving to Castellina in Chianti for 3 nights(going into Florence for a day trip or so), one night in San Gimignano to dine and stay at Locanda il Pino(for the restaurant at Ristorante il pino), been highly recommended by a friend. Anyway, then onto Piazze(near Cetona) for 3 nights to do southern Tuscany touring, wine,etc. then onto Rome for 3 nights and then home. We are staying at an agriturismo in Castellina and then a neat little inn in piazze. My question is this....should we shorten our tuscany time and stop in Bologna(stay a night or two) and then only stay in one or 2 Tuscan locations instead or keep as is? I've been reading on this site that the food in Tuscany isn't that great and that Bologna is the deal? Any thoughts, particular suggestions, would be most appreciated!!

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  1. Bologna is certainly worth a visit for a couple of days. Alternatively, I would suggest venturing further afield in Tuscany and visiting Lucca. Do a "Search this board" search for Lucca dining suggestions. A day's drive north from Lucca up the Serchio River valley (to towns such as Borgo a Manzo & Barga) is also highly recommended. There is more to Tuscany than "chiantishire!"

    1. two nights including your arrival night you will barely be scratching the surface in Venice IMO . I would add another night. Ive not yet been to Bologna, but Verona and Parma are both lovely smaller cities , interesting both culturally and foodwise, that could give you a stop en route to Tuscany There are so many riches up in that NE corner, Mantua, Padua, etc. etc. Personally, I would find one or two .bases, not three in Tuscany. Remember it will still likely be cool in those tuscan hill towns, not a lot of local produce (maybe some delicious porcini tho)

      1. Bologna is the gastronomic capital or N. Italy..home of lasagne and tortellini. I was there for a week in November and stayed in the university quarter. Bologna has a different vibe..home to the oldest university in Europe. I loved it

        1. The food in Bologna is one of the wonders of Italy! I would shorten your time in Tuscany in order to have 2 nights there. I wrote a small report about a few meals there; if you decide to go you can search for it here.

          Jen is right, though, about the brevity of your Venice visit. I also agree about having two bases,not three,in Tuscany.

          1. I love Bologna! Eat at Montegrappa da Nello
            Address: Montegrappa 2, Bologna, Italy
            Phone: 051-236331
            Make reservation.

            You won't be sorry!