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Mar 13, 2009 11:53 AM

Franks Oyster House

Has anyone eaten at this new Restaurant. It got good reviews in the paper, but I wanted to get a few more opinions.

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  1. Grabbed happy hour last night.

    Cocktail menu was, I hate to use the word, mildly inventive. 8.50 regular, 7.50 happy hour.

    The spicy peanuts were tasty and, for a buck, the right price. The regular $2 price might be a shade too high.

    The razor clam fritters were fantastic. ($10 reg/$8 happy hour)

    The oysters were... well, heck, they were oysters. Oysters, to me, are either good or bad. There isn't really a so-so. These were good. Nice presentation on the half dozen too. $1.50 is a little higher than I want for happy hour prices, but... the Gin and Lillet mignonette and the bloody mary granita were definitely worth their weight.

    Edit: The wall coverings were awesome, both in the bar *and* the dining room.

    1. THere's a longer, recent thread about this is you search...

      1. It's okay...I'm not going to rush back there. I recommend the cheese biscuits w. ham....they were the stand-out of the evening...really very, very delicious.....the biscuits are remarkably light, rich and tasty....kudos to the baker.
        We had the razor clam fritters and although, thankfully, they weren't greasy, they were pretty bland tasting. The quality of the meat in the burger was good but the bun was dry & tasteless. The fries weren't good.....again, low on flavor. Good service, friendly people. I like the food at his other restaurant better: Pair.

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          Hm. I didn't think the fritters were bland. I mean, they weren't a calvacade of flavor, but...

        2. We did go to Franks on Saturday and really enjoyed our dinner. The Ahi Tuna Capaccio was the best. We had oysters with Gin and Lillet which was very good. My husband likes his oysters plain and found them to be very fresh. We had one glitch in that they served our oysters to the wrong table, and didn't notice for a while and by then they only had two of the Willamett oysters left, so he got to try a couple of different kinds and it worked out OK. The manager also made sure we were appropriately compensated when the bill came. Overall a very good dinner and we will be going back soon.