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Mar 13, 2009 11:49 AM

Celebrating the Persian New Year (March 20) in London. does anyone know a good Persian restaurant?

I'm taking my 15 year old son to London for a few days of fun and culture next week and I just discovered that the Persian New Year takes place next weekend. I thought that it might be fun to eat at a Persian restaurant - does anybody have an idea??? Also, some of the other places that I'm looking at are Souk Bazaar, Masala Zone, Mint Leaf, Costas Fish Restaurant (fish & chips) Thai Silk, & Vietnam Pho. I'd love to hear any first hand reports from these places OR
any other suggestions to knock the socks off a fifteen year old.

Thanks for your help, and a great job chowhound people!! Just discovered you folks by accident. Lucky me!!


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  1. I really like Mohsen and have been very pleased with the grilled items, as well as various starters like the koo-koo-sabzi and the kashk-e bademjan. Alounak (the one in Kensington) is not bad, but doesn't come close, imho, except for the tah-dig, which was much crispier and caramelised.

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      Hi limster! Thanks for the quick reply. I googled around and Moshen definately gets good reviews. I'm wondering a bit about getting in and out of the area -with only four days in town I'm thinking of keeping travel time down to a minimum, where possible. An Iranian ex-pat recommended Galleria near Maryleborn High Street, which might be more convienent for me, I don't know yet. This is my first time using chow hound, so thanks again for being so helpful?



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        Tell us the neighbourhood you're staying in and how far or how long you're willing to travel, and we might be able to come up other options.

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          We're staying near the Penge East station - about 20 minutes from victoria station by train. Obviously it is a (more or less) place to sleep and eat breakfast, not much else. We leave for town early in the morning and come back late at night.

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            Hi limster! do you anything about the Lower Marsh Market or Borough Market?


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              The Borough Market is a wonderful place. It has a good website you can look at. Be aware that it is mainly open on Fridays and Saturdays with a few places also open on Thursdays. The array of foods is quite spectacular, and your teenage son would no doubt enjoy trying a lot of the offerings at lunchtime.

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                ok. Thanks for the tip on the times.

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                Here's an old thread that I started on the food stalls at Borough market.

                Things I tend to go back for:
                the toasted cheese sandwiches at the raclette stall
                chorizo sandwich at Brindisa
                coffee at monmouth, along with a coffee cake from Ion Patisserie
                Creme caramel at Real France
                Terrines (and the monstrous sausage roll) at Ginger Pig

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                  Nearby, it's worth getting a Chilean sandwich/chacarero at El Vergel, and also the pork katsu curry at Tsuru, both lunch only.

        2. Mohsen is definitely worth the trek, Penge or not. It's basically in South Ken (10 bus for about 15 seconds from there.)

          If you want something non-Iranian but more local during your stay there's a direct bus from Penge to Silk Road in Camberwell! The only Xinjiang restaurant in the UK!

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            lower marsh market is definately not worth the effort - Borough market is the one you want to go for. JFores..can you tell me more about Silk Road, i am thinking about going tonight.
            I went to a great Persain restaurant near` Earls Court, when the name comes to me i will post it!

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              its called mohsen, i venture to guess.

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                Probably Mohsen.

                Silk Road is a Xinjiang style Chinese restaurant. Basically they have Uighur style food only its restyled for a Han Chinese audience. They cover the full range with Uighur items like kebabs and polo (plov, pilov, pilau in its other names) to extremely Chinese dishes. Then there's the incredible middle ground that includes stuff like Big Plate Chicken. There's a very extensive post on Silk Road, actually. Search Uighur on the London forums.

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                It's more Olympia/Earls Court than South Kensington, right opposite the Olympia Homebase. You can smell it before you get there (in a very good way).

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                  went to Silk Road last night - really impressed! surroundings are basic but food totally makes up for it, i loved the Medium Plate chicken- when they bring out homemade noodles half way through to pour into the remaining sauce- brilliant! thanks for the recomendation, will be going there again! it was full of chineese people - surely a good sign!

              3. Try Mahdi in hammersmith. Its a very simple joint, with cheesy decor that adds to the ambience. The food is excellent, the mixed grill and baghali polo ba mahiche are delicious and its reasonably priced.

                1. My favourites are Patogh in Crawford Place - just off the Edgware Rd - and Kandoo which is actually on the Edgware Rd. Patogh makes terrfic fresh bread, the size of lorry wheels with lots of sesame, great kebabs with saffron rice. Take your own booze, It's quite hectic. Kandoo is quieter, and has the bread oven (the kandoo i think) in the restaurant, so you can watch the guy make it. I've never liked the food as much as Patogh, but it's good and has a longer menu