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LA Hound looking for good food in Olympia

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I'm going to be in Olympia next week. Looking for an oyster bar, good ethnic restaurants and an exceptional breakfast place. it's about the food; not the atmosphere.

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  1. One of your best bets might be to drive a bit and go to Xinh's in Shelton.

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      I second Xinh's. It's well worth the 20 mile drive.

      If driving isn't an inconvenience, I also recommend heading about 20 miles south to La Tarasca in Centralia for Michoacan style Mex and the best corn tortillas ever!

      I have been known to drive from North Seattle, about a 90 mile drive each way, to dine at both of these establishments.

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        Thank you. I've been to Xinh's and consider it a treasure. Hope to get there on this trip. I was thinking more local and convenient.

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          Thank you very much. Great Mexican food is important no matter where you are in the World.

        2. For Italian, Trinacria (must have a reservation) or Sorrentos.

          1. I would stay away from the Oyster House, it's not good. For breakfast and really good dinners Cicada is the spot.

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              Definitely stay away from the oyster house..I have had some good oysters at Tug boat annies...But if you ever come up here and have the time and dont mind driving an hour to the coast South Bend is the Oyster capital of the world..Most oysters harvested there in the Willapa bay than anywhere else. And believe it or not a bar by the name of the chester has the best oysters I have had.. Some journalist wrote about it too best he has had as well...I grew up down there and was raised on oysters so my taste it pretty good with them.. I find myself driving down there to just eat the oysters and not even tell people I am in town so that tells you they are splendid!

            2. Hmmm, well its too late for your trip, but it sounds like you might come up here regularly?

              The BEST asian place in town right now is Tofu Hut. Not kidding. Its new, in Lacey on Pacific between Ruddell and College. It is billed as "asian fusion" which is always scarey, but their food is the real thing. The chef is a Korean mama-san! Every dish there I have had is authentic and great! Food in Olympia mostly isn't very good, by my standards. This place has been great and I've been there twice this week alone!

              Also, for breakfast, try Sage's Brunch House - it used to be Rosie's on Rodgers. It is on Rodgers st on the westside. It is _excellent_. She is a classically french trained cook. I actually can't eat anything on the menu, but every time I go, I just say what my dietary restrictions are and what I'm in the mood for and she whipps up a masterpiece everytime! My meat and wheat eating friends tell me their dishes are also exquisite.