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Mar 13, 2009 10:16 AM

Frozen Croissants & Pasteries

I was looking to find the richest,flakiest croissants and other pasteries that I can proof and bake right at home. I hear Williams-sonoma has them online but NOT for Canadian customers. Is there a good shop or bakery that would sell flash-fozen pasteries (especially mini croissants) for T.O residents to bake at home? Its to impress a guest who has eaten in fine Parisian cafes before.

Thank you :)

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  1. There are such places, but they typically sell wholesale. Costco used to have great ones (not mini), but I've been told that they are no longer all that good.

    You could check with Rahier. I know they will sell frozen butter puff pastry dough. Perhaps they will sell you unbaked croissants.

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      Yes, I seem to remember purchasing real butter frozen croissants from Costco some years ago, but the ones in stock at the moment have no butter in them!!!!

    2. I seem to recall that pinstripeprincess had gone on a major croissant-a-thon a while back, and part of her journeys included buying unbaked frozen croissants that she would thaw, proof and bake at home. Hopefully she sees this thread.

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        ack, i was writing a response and my futzy computer died..... anyhow, i was a little anxious to offer my suggestion because the last time i got them they just weren't as good and in the overall schema of croissants in toronto would only rank around the middle. but if you're interested... saint honore bakery at royal york station (in the little plaza across from the lcbo) sells frozen croissants that require 48 hours notice. besides the 48 hours, you'll need to know that they don't have a phone number! so you'll have to drop in sometime to make the order and set a pick-up date.

        these croissants were resilient, why.... loads of butter. even his day old in house croissants would perk up with a good toasting. with the frozen ones you'd see little knobs of butter underneath the rolls in the croissant and the pan would have a nice layer of butter covering every inch after baking. these things would survive nearly even a week after baking because of all the butter! i'm still hesitant to say they're paris/french quality as they're still not tops of my list for croissants in toronto in general.... but they're frozen, easy to bake and buttery good for those days you don't want to leave the house in the morning. so try it i guess and decide from there. he is alsatian if that means anything to you (i've personally noticed i'm a fan of alsatian bakers in toronto) it is a bit pricey, he charges the same price as the baked croissant (about $15 for a dozen).

        you will not get mini croissants from him. you will not get these croissants in less than 48 hours and you will not ever get a phone number from this man. if you manage to walk away from his store without him coercing you into baked croissants, danishes, baguettes or anything else.. i will be impressed. it took me two visits before i knew how to shut him down as i never need nor want to eat that much bread!

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Ma Maison (Dundas West near Royal York) sold frozen croissants (plain, almond and chocolate) during the Christmas season. They were amazing. I don't know if they sell them all year round though ...

          1. re: poppygirl

            Oh, I'd forgotten about Ma Maison. I don't know anything about their frozen baked goods, but their quiches are amazing!

          2. re: pinstripeprincess

            For the effort and price, I think I'll stick to picking up fresh croissants from my local bakers. Not too bad since Clafouti and Thuet are in the neighbourhood.

            Really would like to be able to make some at home though - I really miss the old President's Choice ones that you could bake from frozen. Too bad they've been discontinued for 6 years.

            1. re: preppycuisine

              Yes!!! Those were good. And made with the right stuff!!!

              1. re: preppycuisine

                Probably a little out of the way for you, but I find the best croissants in the city are from Pain Perdu on St. Clair west of Christie. (And their pissaladiere and quiches are wonderful, too.)

                1. re: Tatai

                  Im still on a quest for bake at home croissants in Toronto or preferably online as i have a hard time getting around. Has anyone heard of any new places/websites that may ship to Toronto? Thanks everyone :)

                  1. re: exotik1

                    Fiesta Farms has frozen croissants from France: plain and chocolate. I'm not such a great fan of chocolate croissants, but their plain ones are flaky outside and a little doughy inside. I've tried different ways of baking them to see if I can get the inside crispier - perhaps it just isn't possible!

                    1. re: lightlybattered

                      I was about to offer a suggestion of what sounds like the same product too. I have a constant stash of these in my freezer just because they are so convenient, even though I agree too the insides are a bit too doughy. And I'm also always experimenting with different ways to bake them to see if they can get them to be a bit flakier.

                      You can also find them at most Longo's stores.

          3. Try Patisserie D'or in Oakville. Croissants are amazing( The chocolate almond is to die for!) and they did sell frozen for people to take home and bake.

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            1. re: Sacherboy

              Has anyone tried the box of frozen Bridor brand croissants at No Frills? The are about $14 for 40...How do they taste?

            2. some Loblaws/SuperStores sell bags of frozen croissants..they aren't a brand name, but are sold in clear bags/boxes in the frozen area of the bakery. They are very good actually!
              Also, if you are ever in Burlington, Zarky's sells specializes in frozen items..croissants, pasteries, cookies, tartes, you name it..

              2180 Itabashi Way, Burlington, ON L7M5A5, CA

              1. The brand that Costco used to have was amazing! It was Gourmet Baker brand.

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                1. re: berngirl

                  I grew up on these. Loved them, though in retrospect, they were probably a little too fluffy and doughy to be considered "real" croissants. And something tells me they were probably huge, as per the Costco MO.