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Mar 13, 2009 09:43 AM

Headed to Tucson...from Massachusetts, Help!

We're flying out to Tucson area, and are in need of a short list of good/decent places to eat. We enjoy sitting and having drinks/apps in the late afternoon in lieu of lunch. Have been told that the Hotel Congress is a neat place for that.
We're not big into Mexican food. Of course, what you get around here in NE isn't even close to authentic, so I have nothing to base my opinion of it on! Willing to try but need some advice about where to find it and what to order. Spicy food isn't a problem.
Husband loves microbrews and both of us enjoy good tequila.
Also any food info in Bisbee and the Tombstone area would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.....

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  1. You could try Nimbus Brewery, great beer and they have great finger foods/burgers. It's on east 44th st off of south Palo Verde in Tucson, kind of hard to find but worth it.
    they have a website. Also very, very casual.

    1. Some great choices for Mexican Food and great Margaritas.

      El Charro Restaurant-Downtown Tucson
      Casa Molina's on East Speedway
      Cafe Poca Cosa-Downtown Tucson

      Other good choices
      Plush on Fourth/Sixth
      The Hut-Wed. is Open Mike
      Congress Hotel-downtown
      Several restaurants, bars and music venues in Downtown Tucson.

      1. Hi Lilibet - I moved to Tucson from MA about 12 years ago, have since moved on to California. It's been a while since I've been there, so don't know if my recs are still open.

        In Tombstone, there's not much good, but we liked Don Teodoro's Mexican restaurant. It's off the beaten path of Main Street - excellent (hot, hot, hot) salsa. Don't miss the Courthouse in Tombstone.

        In Bisbee, a town we loved, there was a restaurant called La Roka that was very good. Make sure you go to the Copper Queen mine tour.

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          Thanks to everyone... we're so looking forward to the warmth, sun. and playing some golf.
          Arizona is such a beautiful place!
          Winter here this year was the worst ever in my memory, starting with a 5 day power failure/ice-storm/no heat event at the beginning of Dec.
          We still haven't recovered mentally, AZ should help in that department.

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            Here's a second on La Roka in Bisbee. Had a girls weekend back in September and had dinner there - very nice. However, I don't think they are open every day and you will want to make a reservation. Sunday morning we had breakfast at the Bisbee Coffee Club (I think). It was just a bit out of the main/down town area - but quite tasty.

          2. The Congress is excellent for drinks as well as dinner, although the food is a tad better in the restaurant than the service, which is friendly but sometimes slow.

            Maynard's Kitchen is right across the street from Hotel Congress and superb (see recent reviews). Also good in the downtown area are Barrio (Southwestern/European, also has excellent bar) and Casa Vicente, an excellent Spanish place with an amazing Spanish wine list and full bar.

            Other non-Mexican places we like are J-Bar (Southwestern) , Feast, and Neo (Japanese, Indonesian and Malaysian). Kingfisher is decent seafood.

            Thought Wildflower was vastly over-rated.

            If you do want to try Mexican, Cafe Poca Cosa is upscale and unique although we like its little sister, Little Cafe Poca Cosa even better -- although it's M-F only and Breakfast/Lunch only.

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            1. re: Joan Kureczka

              Joan and Bazel.

              Thank you for the reviews. I'll post when we get back with our own, and also thank you for the tips for a late afternoon tipple.