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Strawberry cake for a 4year old

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Hi all-

Hoping you can help me out with some baking ideas here. My daughter will be 4 next week and has asked for a "pink strawberry cake". Can I do this without resorting to the storebought mixes, and, even more iportantly, avoiding the canned pink frosting which is, in my opinion, wretched?

(apologies to those for whom it is a guilty pleasure)


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    1. Just mash up some fresh strawberries and add to a white buttercream for a beautiful slightly marbled frosting. Most kids prefer plain old yellow (or white cake) anyway. The thing to avoid is the pink food coloring. Almost all of them have a nasty taste that gets worse the more you use.

      1. My mom sent me a recipe in which you poke a white cake mix with holes and pour strawberry jello into it ( if I remember correctly!) I do recall my sons loved it. If you're interested, let me know, and I will look for it and post it up later today!

        1. If you want pink frosting, you can cook down strawberries w/ a little water (if you're using fresh) with sugar and then strain. Add that to your favorite buttercream, using the strawberry puree for liquid (you might need to add more sugar depending on how much strawberry puree you're using). I've never been able to make a good pink cake with fruit. I've managed barely pink at most but without dye, I'm not sure if you can get a good pink color. But, come to think of it, I've never tried beet, only berries. Maybe beets could get you the right color.

          This one was pretty good, though (Sky High is a fun cake book):


          1. I use a basic butter cream recipe. I cook down some strawberries, not too many and puree, use some of it in the cake to make it pink. Also use some for the icing as well. Before baking the cake I like to add some fresh sliced strawberries on top. They bake in and make a nice surprise. Also some chocolate chips are fun to put on top too, they also bake in a litlle and is a fun surprise. I also dribble some thin chocolate on top of the cake, just a little with some fresh strawberries. Or you can dip them and put those on the cake. I would actually make 2 rounds, cut them in half and make it in the shape of a strawberry. You some mint to make the stem portion. Nothing fancy or hard. Just a little trim off the bottom 2 sides and perfect. For the little dots on the stralberry, use grape nuts. They look like the brownish spots. Still healthy.

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              That sounds so cute (and good too.) :)

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                Still heavy, not hard and easy to put together. I used to bake a lot younger, don't know. But loved making theme cakes, it was fun.

            2. I asked this question too once (what is it with kids and strawberry cake?). As I recall, I ended up making a classic white birthday cake, spreading jam in the middle and covering with a white frosting and slicking strawberry slices all around. Maybe a bit of a cop out, but it looked pretty, with the red and white.


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                I can relate, I've done both and had the same response. The kids liked both and never knew the difference and neither did most of the moms.

              2. Go to www.cookscountrytv.com and search for the Strawberry Poke Cake. It was on the show which means the recipe is free online. It was in a 9x13 pan but incorporates real berries with a little strawberry jello powder, and includes a layer of strawberry plus strawberry frosting. A big improvement over the box of cake mix/box of jello recipe.

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                  You know, I think that 's the recipe I was referring to - my mom's was a copy of something very similar with some shortcuts. I think they're both comparable, tho.

                2. I've used raspberry jam to get a pink frosting - may work with strawberry, although strawberries are a bit more brown. No need to cook down puree if you don't mind the extra sweetness. Kids like it.

                  I haven't tries it but you can make strawberry marshmallows (lotsof recipes on the web), so I suspect you could make strawberry 7 minute frosting.

                  Finally - freeze dried strawberries work really well and can be added to frosting recipes, or cake recipes when pulverized to a powder.

                  Thre are several blog recipes here: http://www.tastespotting.com/search/s...

                  I personally would go for the cooks illustrated strawnerry cake they had on America's Test Kitchen. It was a white cake, with cream filling and fresh strawberries.

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                    It is not CI/ATK. It is CC as already referenced upthread.

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                      No there is another recipe from ATK - reruns on PBS all the time. oesn't use jello, but the only thing strawberry about it is the fresh strawberries in the middle.

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                        The site lists both a Strawberry Cream Cake and a Strawberry Crunch Cake as Premium Content from CI, which means it's only accessible with a paid membership. That means neither were included in the CURRENT season, though they may still air in re-runs. The Strawberry Poke Cake recipe is currently free at the CCTV site.

                  2. What about a traditional butter cake, perhaps tinted pink, with pink whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The Cake Bible has classic recipes for butter cake.

                    My 21m would be pretty impressed with this.

                    1. I just unwittingly made a pink frosting (and I say unwittingly because it was for an office full of guys) by using blood orange juice to give it flavour. Not sure if you can find them where you are, but the juicy tarroco Italian ones are plentiful here (Montreal, Canada) this time of year.