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Mar 13, 2009 09:24 AM

MSP- Best Croissant?

Over another stellar dinner last night at Cafe Levain, the conversation turned to bread. Where is the best bread in the Twin Cities? We all had our opinions, but the question then arose-- where are the best croissants? I am not a croissant lover, so I couldn't even be sure of which bakeries sold them.

I said I would throw out the question here, and was certain many would weigh in.

Where are the best croissants (plain, not filled or flavored) in the Twin Cities?

Thanks, 'Hounds!


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  1. Right next door to where you ate, at Turtle Bread. I think the runner-up is Patrick's French Bakery, but Turtle Bread keeps the lead.

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      1. Trung Nam on University in St. Paul. It is in a former Popeyes. The BEST croissants ever!

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          Ditto T Nam on University. The best. And VERY economical

        2. I agree with Turtle Bread. Rustica also has good croissants...and I believe they provide Surdyk's which is where I usually pick one up in the morning.

          1. While I don't hesitate to recommend the others that have been mentioned (Trung Nam, Rustica, Patrick's, Turtle Bread, in order of my preference) I still prefer Cupcake's croissants to any other in MSP.

            The disturbing thing about this thread is that it made me realize I've had croissants at every place listed (and then some) within the last few weeks. Yikes.

            p.s. -- if you like croissants, I would highly recommend a kouign amann from Rustica. It's everything that's great about a croissant, plus buttery, caramely greatness.