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Mar 13, 2009 09:12 AM

Iroha Sushi Report

Had tix to Argerich @ Disney last night, so I needed a restaurant for an early dinner...decided to go to Valley and take 101. Wifie suggested this place, as a friend of hers adores it...I had passed it a million times, but never tried it.

Initial vibe was negative...seemed more like a party restaurant than a sushi shrine...that's ok, as long as sushi is good...reminded me a bit of original Katsu-Ya in Studio City.

Sat at the bar...looking at the fish, it ALL looked tired and limp...not a good sign. Normally, I'd get up and leave but we had a schedule to keep...

I remember someone mentioning their rolls were their strength, so


Crunchy Roll (spicy crab)...This was presented as six pieces of insideout crab roll with a mountain of tempura flakes dumped on top. Looked really unappetizing, and was difficult to eat as the tempura flakes just kept falling off. Also, the cut sushi is too large - I sorta felt like gagging when I put the entire piece in my mouth.

Rice Cake with Spicy Tuna - everyone seemed to order this. This dish, or a variation thereof, is now standard at many restaurants...This one was very average. Instead of having individual rice cakes, they take a round cake and cut it into six slices (like pizza) and top it with spicy tuna. The rice tasted like hot oil - bleh, and the spicy tuna was flavorless - no spice at all. Luckyfish, hardly a sushi temple, blows this away with their version.

At this point, I feel bloated - a weird feeling in a sushi bar. The food was greasy.

I ordered some yellowtail sushi which was actually decent, but hardly noteworthy.

My wife ordered tea - $4.00...WTF??? Many places comp it, and the MOST I've been charged is about $2.00, unless it's a speciality tea.

My asahi was $5.00/large $9.00 - this is on the high side.

We were going to go to Yu-n-mi in BH, but thought we would try this place thinking it would be less expensive too. Not the's really pricey for what it is.

I won't be returning.

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  1. Yu -n Mi is great...again alot of rolls. MAKE A RESO, place is tiny.

    Sounds like the place has gone down hill. It used to be great. Not that I made it over the hill often, but when i did and went there, Scott Baio was always at the bar eating.

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      More like off a cliff than downhill. This place used to be pretty good, but the last time we went we nearly got up and left. We're not going back.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Yu-n-mi there is alright, in my opinion. I didn't think it is anything special.. it offers a lot of rolls, but I know a number of other sushi restaurants that offer it too. But it's still good. I have yet to see a sushi place as bad as the one you described though lol

        - damian