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Mar 13, 2009 08:39 AM

What's new at Momofuku Ssam?

Haven't been since early January, and wondering if anyone's experienced any good new items on the menu...

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    1. I read they offer a weekend brunch now. Is that true, or were they refering to the prix fixe?

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      1. Yea, I've seen the new menu. Just wanted to see if anyone's tried any of the new menu items.

        1. I've had the fried egg with pork scrapple, bacon, a little mizuna, and violet mustard. It was good, but I envied my neighbor's big fluffy biscuit. The bacon was sweet and crispy and delicious, the violet mustard fragrant, but I was still jonesing for some hot coffee and bread (without having to pay 8 bucks). I've also had the bbq rib sandwich, which replaced the banh mi. Naturally the pork was great, the slaw in the sandwich made it all kind of gloppy (but not in a bad way) but it seemed a little meager at $12. Overall I prefer the banh mi, and I wish they had kept both sandwiches on the menu.

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            Yea, I saw they took the banh mi off the menu and was very upset.

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              Me too... We can always request it be put back on the menu, but at Momofuku I don't know how much impact that will have. But there is a rumor that Baoguette is moving into the space on saint marks that was Bamn! the automat, which wouid make up for it.