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Mar 13, 2009 08:37 AM

Allergic to Gluten - where to eat?

I'm hosting a friend of a friend next week and she's allergic to wheat gluten. Any recommendations for delicious eating places that offer plenty of selection when it comes to this allergy?

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  1. I think Apple Annies Bakery & Cafe carries several gluten free offerings. Their spelt chocolate cake is really good. Whole Foods and Central Market used to carry some of their breads and desserts - not sure if they still do or not but you could call Apple Annies and ask.

    1. Google "gluten-free Austin" and you'll get a ton of hits

      1. Does your guest only have problems with wheat gluten? Or is all gluten a problem? I ask because gluten in general is the problem, then the rec for Apple Annie's wouldn't be a wise choice since spelt is not gluten-free. Oats, rye and barley are not either.

        If completely gluten-free is what you're after, I can steer you in the direction of a few gluten-free spots around town, some better than others. Finding any gluten-free food, much less some that is good is always a challenge...

        WildWood Art Cafe on Bee Caves Road would be a great place to go since they have a gluten-free bakery and cafe menu. No gluten in the place. It's not cheap, but most gluten-free options you find will not be.

        Guero's has a gluten-free menu. This place gets panned a lot on this board, but I applaud them for being a locally owned and operated establishment with the wherewithall to come up with decent options for people who must eat GF.

        Although Fogo de Chao is a chain, it's quite good and is almost completely gluten-free. Your friend could feast with almost total abandon here. You'll have to call for specific info on what's GF.

        As goodhealthgourmet pointed out, there are plenty of other choices around that can easily be found through google.

        (I'm a long time lurker here, but this is my first post. I'm more of a home cook than a person who eats out so I find few cases where my input is useful. I hope the info I've provided here is helpful.)

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          Thanks for all the helpful suggestions! From what I know, this person is allergic to wheat gluten specifically.

          I just realized Mr. Natural also has wheat-free items on their menu . . .

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            Just remember that 'wheat free' doesn't necessarily mean 'gluten free'. Again, Apple Annies does have Spelt products, which are classified as Wheat Free but Spelt does have gluten, so the products are not Gluten Free.

        2. Threadgill's has a number of gluten free items. good for vegetarians too.

          1. Z Tejas has a special gluten free menu. I saw it with my own two eyes when my gluten free friend ordered from it.

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              Restaurants with a gluten-free-menu:
              McCormick & Schmick's
              East Side Cafe
              Z Tejas