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Mar 13, 2009 08:30 AM

"china kitchen" on Carrollton

There is a shady-looking little Chinese restaurant on S. Carrollton near Mikimoto. It's always packed but I've never heard anything about this place. Has anyone been there? Is it cash only? Thanks!

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    Various reviews all say it is good food, they do take credit cards

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      I've been going there since the 80's. The dining room used to be the takeout room. Wasn't fun trying to eat with people snaked around your table, but the food brought me back. Like others have said, nothing outstanding just solid Chinese/American dishes and a lot of it. I like their egg-rolls but still miss the House of Lee's ones. I wish I could find their equal.

    2. It's old school MSG and corn starch American Chinese. The portions are huge, like about 3 meals worth. The chicken and broccoli is especially good, but everything tastes like it should. The lunch specials come with good shrimp fried rice and big sheets of fried wonton, but you can order double rice if you don't want the wonton. It often looks more packed than it is because people wait for takeout in the front room. But go through that room to the right of the cash register and wait to be seated.

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        Awesome, thanks! I'm gonna give it a try tonight!

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          I can't wait to hear what you think...

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            I just had their broccoli with chicken. Gigantic portion, I don't think I even had half. Much better than 5 Happiness, I hate that place. The egg roll was great, as was the fried rice and I don't even like fried rice. I was a little thrown by 2 things: one, i'm used to broccoli with chicken being in a brown sauce, and this was a white sauce. Two, they didn't have any of the standard things like orange chicken or general tso chicken. And those are my favorites (i can't resist breaded, fried, spicy/sweet sticky goodness). So that would be the only negative thing I have to say about it. I'll probably go back and sit in the restaurant so I actually have a chance to look at the menu.

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              For some reason, I'm thinking they do have General Tso's but it's called something else, but something similar, like "the general's chicken" or something. But maybe I could be thinking of one of the convenience store Chinese places like Orchid Seafood. Definitely give the menu a closer look though. I too hate 5 Happiness, but it sure seems like we're in the minority on that!

      2. Theh place has been there since about 1974--as I should know, I was their second customer, or so they told me when I walked in

        It's strd. chinese food, but good, withal. My firist dish there was pork fried rice and I was impressed with the amount of pork included. I've never been unsatisfied there, although in the passt decade or so, my visits have been much fewer--years bewteen visits. At the time, it was oneo fthe better chinese restaurants around, now, with the 5 Hap. nearby , not so much; but it will probably always offer good food for a reasonable price.

          1. isn't it called Chinese Kitchen?
            3327 S. Carrollton
            I remember eating there in the early 80's and always getting an MSG headache. Food was good, but had an incredible hang time.

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              do you get parmesan cheese headaches, too?

              1. re: mikemill

                I know my triggers, and parm is not one of them, not that I eat much parm if ever.