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Mar 13, 2009 08:29 AM

Sea salt salmon caviar - wow

Stopped by Sea Salt for an early dinner before the show at Freight and Salvage last night. We were in time for the bar menu and happy hour. Definitely enjoyed a few $1 oysters, but the hit for me was the house cured salmon caviar -- a generous serving with creme fraiche and house-made potato chips for $4. Unbelievably delicious, fresh and delicate in flavor.

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  1. I just looked at their website and the food looks and sounds amazing. BTW, for others, it's in Berkeley.

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      Sea Salt
      2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

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        We eat here frequently. The thing I like best about Sea Salt is that during our meals here the food has been consistently very good, which keeps us coming back. Not like some restaurants where you have a great meal one night and a mediocre one the next. Also in general the food is not overly heavy, so you leave feeling satisfied but not overly bloated. Haven’t tried the salmon caviar yet but will try it next time. Their deviled duck eggs are great. The used to have an eel Banh mi sandwich which was amazing but it hasn’t been on the menu in a while. I think the appetizers and bar menu items tend to be the best things to order. The best way to eat here is to eat Tapas style: order a bunch of appetizers and maybe a main course and share.

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          My husband had the fish and chips, which was very well prepared -- although I'm not a huge fan of rock cod. The fish was cornmeal crusted, and crisp and greaseless. It came with a large portion of fresh cut, thick fried potatos (still with skins), and a really superb coleslaw.

          In addition to my 3 oysters and the salmon caviar, I had the grilled squid with an almond basil pesto and large white beans and arugula. The squid was tender and perfectly cooked and the pesto delicious.

          Portions are good -- reasonably sized but not excessive, and the pricing is very very moderate.