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Mar 13, 2009 08:22 AM

Sourdough bread without Iron?

I am going through a series of allergy treatments (if it works, I'll tell you all more about it) and am very restricted in what I am allowed to eat for the 25 hours following each treatment. It's usually such boring food I'd rather starve...

But I was excited to see that after an upcoming treatment, you are allowed to eat sourdough bread as long as it doesn't have any iron in it. Great, I thought, until I started looking - it seems ALL bread has iron. :-(

Does anyone know of a place in or around Boston where one could find sourdough bread without iron?

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  1. the problem is that pretty much all packaged breads are made with enriched flour, which means vitamins & minerals - including iron - have been added to the flour. your only option will be to buy a fresh-baked loaf from a local bakery that uses unprocessed/non-enriched flour, or to bake it yourself that way. try calling some bakeries to see if anyone can/will do it for you.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I actually just had a thought - WASA sourdough rye. I looked it up and it does says Iron 0%
      I guess I'll go with that... even though it's a bit dry... can't use butter this better work! :-)

    2. May I ask why they specified sourdough? Is it because you are also supposed to avoid yeast?

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      1. re: laguera

        I'm not sure why they said sourdough.. but that was the specific instruction... no, this is not a yeast treatment (that's coming later), this one is iron

        1. re: Cattie

          Oh, ok b/c I was going to say that some bakeries use commercial yeast to sourdough bread. Sometimes the wild yeast does not leaven the bread enough, so they add a little booster.

          You might have to look for things like the rye you mentioned above and other breads from non-wheat flours. I think rye, millet, those kinds of flours are not enriched with iron. Maybe try a vegan bakery?

      2. I hate to give advice on something I know nothing about, but is there really THAT much iron in bread??

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        1. re: billieboy

          the ones I looked at said anywhere from 6 - 12%. And even a morsel will ruin the treatment, apparently. I'm not even allowed to go into my kitchen for 25 hours.

          1. re: Cattie

            No cooking on cast iron for you. :-) I had no idea bread had iron in it. Learn something new every day.

            1. re: billieboy

              No cooking whatsoever. :-( Iaguera, I had no idea there were vegan bakeries! I have to investigate!

        2. Hi Cattie - you are doing NAET, right? And you are probably testing for iron, right? I came on this site to ask the same question although I am on the West Coast. I see this posting was years ago. Did the treatments work?