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Mar 13, 2009 08:16 AM

Suggestions for Purple foods?

I want to make an all purple/blue meal. So far the things I have in mind (not recipes, just ingredients) are:
- blue/purple potatoes
- eggplant
- blue/purple beans
- berry sorbet
- blueberries

Any other suggestions? Especially for things that keep their color after cooking/ preparing.


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  1. Black rice (turns purple)
    I think blue corn is purplish - can get the cornmeal or masa based products

    1. Purple cabbage
      Dried plums/prunes
      Lavender ice cream
      Purple peppers

      1. Kalamata "Viniagrette" - puree mayo, pitted Kalamatas an, lemon juice and anchovies together. It's a very tasty, and pretty purple/blue sauce to put on fresh tomatoes, lamb, grilled eggplant....

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          That sounds delish, I bet it would work with yogurt too.

        2. Maybe this is too red but swiss chard

          1. Eggplant or Aubergine (makes a wonderul centerpiece done properly)
            Santa Rosa plums - I think those are the deep purple ones
            cocktails should be easy, right?