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Suggestions for Purple foods?

I want to make an all purple/blue meal. So far the things I have in mind (not recipes, just ingredients) are:
- blue/purple potatoes
- eggplant
- blue/purple beans
- berry sorbet
- blueberries

Any other suggestions? Especially for things that keep their color after cooking/ preparing.


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  1. Black rice (turns purple)
    I think blue corn is purplish - can get the cornmeal or masa based products

    1. Purple cabbage
      Dried plums/prunes
      Lavender ice cream
      Purple peppers

      1. Kalamata "Viniagrette" - puree mayo, pitted Kalamatas an, lemon juice and anchovies together. It's a very tasty, and pretty purple/blue sauce to put on fresh tomatoes, lamb, grilled eggplant....

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          That sounds delish, I bet it would work with yogurt too.

        2. Maybe this is too red but swiss chard

          1. Eggplant or Aubergine (makes a wonderul centerpiece done properly)
            Santa Rosa plums - I think those are the deep purple ones
            cocktails should be easy, right?

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                  Haha, it is for me, but it still counts! Thanks!

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                    serve it as shooters for cocktail hour!

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                      haha, I'll run that by my mom!

                  1. It looks like you hit the blue/purple foods, but what is the occasion?

                    I would use the little asian eggplants, they do not need to be peeled.

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                      It's my mom's favorite color and she is coming to visit in a few weeks so i can finally make her dinner!

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                        That is very sweet. I might have to steal that.


                    2. If you use the blue or purple potatoes keep in mind they may lose their color when cooked. I've always steamed them and sometimes the color stays and sometimes not.

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                        same goes for purple pole beans, they turn green after steaming.

                      2. Red cabbage (not sure if that is the same as the aforementioned Purple Cabbage?). And red grapes, they are more purple than red.

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                          Sweet and sour red cabbage is one of my favorite fall dishes. Cook in broth with some red wine and red currant jelly, and a few apples chopped in. It's very, very purple.

                          1. Purple bell-peppers. Maybe you can stuff them with black rice.


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                              That sounds tasty, I've never seen purple peppers in the market though... might need to do some food sourcing for this project!

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                                Make sure you don't freeze them raw. They turn green. Don't know if this happens if you freeze cooked purple peppers.

                              2. Boiled eggs take on color well (kind of a cheat)

                                What about cocktails and afters?
                                Purple Jesus (mix up just about everything in your liquor cabinat and add red wine)
                                Any cocktail with blue curacao (blue hawaiian/lagoon/moon etc etc). Or use blue slush as a mix.

                                Make sure there's blue ketchup on the table.

                                Dinner music on the blues channel

                                    1. From Hubert Keller - Red and Green Cabbage Salad Dressed with Cumin Seeds and Sherry Vinegar

                                      1. Purple grapes
                                        Purple cauliflower
                                        Black raspberries
                                        Roasted blue potatoes
                                        (I make a roasted red white and blue potato salad for the 4th, it is a lot of fun)
                                        And don't remember is someone mentioned blue corn
                                        Blue cornbread, made with blue cornmeal
                                        Make a nice creamy sauce with simmer blueberrys and add to angel food cake lightly
                                        colored with some of the sauce from the blueberries
                                        Also freeze ice cubes with some blueberry juice fun in drinks without adding much sweet
                                        Also I saw purple carrots at our market, not sure, but fun to look at

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                                          Yes I thought I saw purple carrots not too long ago and I want to say at Tradeer Joes.

                                          Cute idea, your Mom will be so happy!

                                          1. re: chef chicklet

                                            I actually though when I had them out once they were dyed but that I at a Christmas party years ago so when I saw them at our farmers market I couldn't believe there really were purple carrots.

                                            How about Halloween, purple and orange cooked carrots :)

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                                            I like dying the angel food cake with berry sauce! Food coloring, in my book, is cheating, but using fruit is brilliant! Thanks! I don't have an angel food cake pan but I might be able to do cupcakes... hmmm.

                                            I had purple carrots in my CSA last year and they were just purple on the outside but orange on the inside. I'll have to go check the co-op and see what is around for me to work with. Does anyone know where you can get blue cornmeal (in New York City)?

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                                              I think I got blue cornmeal at whole foods, but not sure.

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                                                You can get dried purple corn on the cobs in grocery stores like Dynasty in Woodside, Queens. Deep purple in color, almost black. There's a recipe for Purple Pudding on it.
                                                It's a very hardy corn, the kind i like, but probably a bit hard for most people. If you soak it and cook it keeping all the kernel on the cob you can avoid the hard bit at the point where the kernels attach to the cob.

                                            2. Figs, as long as you get the black/purple ones. Slice nearly too the bottom, but don't cut through. Stuff with goat cheese and chopped walnuts, then broil until heated through. Garnish with cracked black pepper.

                                              1. beetroot.. can be baked as a vegetable, or turned into a stunning purple dip!

                                                1. When I was in hawaii, we had potato rolls made with purple potatoes that were both gorgeous and delicious. Moist and flavorful. Could sub purple potatoes in any potato bread recipe.

                                                  1. Purple pickled onions. You can make pickled onion rings with red onions and they turn a shade of purple. You could make a salad with roasted beets and purple pickled onions

                                                    Rot Kohl- German red cabbage dish is pretty much purple. You could serve it over purple mashed potatoes.

                                                    You could use blueberries and make some sort of blueberry balsamic reduction as a sauce for meat

                                                    1. Wait, no one mentioned Taro? (or did I miss the post?)

                                                      Taro is perfect purple food!!!

                                                      1. You can poach pears in Red wine and cinamon stick, the Pears can take on a the color, and be purplish.

                                                        Core the center before poaching, when pear is cooled, pipe into the center sweetened marscapone, possibly blend it with honey.

                                                        Thicken the remaining wine and pour over the pears before serving.
                                                        Good Luck.

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                                                          1. re: normalheightsfoodie

                                                            I also saw a recipe for poached pears in Gourmet magazine a few months ago where the pears were poached with a few beet slices which turned the pear flesh an arresting scarlett color.
                                                            Figs are a good puprle food BTW

                                                          2. Hawaiian Yams (ube) love em baked with some balsamic and salt...
                                                            Purple Basil
                                                            Purple Corn

                                                            Bluberry Ketchup
                                                            Lavender Ice Cream

                                                            1. Trader Joe's sometimes has purple asparagus..
                                                              It kinda turns green when you cook it but maybe if you just briefly boil or steam it will retain color!