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Mar 13, 2009 08:11 AM

Chinese Bakery at Broadview & Gerrard


Is there a Chinese Bakery in the Broadview and Gerrard area where I could pick up some egg tarts? Any other recommendations on dessert from this area are welcome.


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  1. There is one bakery on the south side of Gerrard, maybe 10 storefronts east of Broadview. I remember it as being "meh".

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      I think I know which one you're talking about (a narrow bakery), and I would agree - the egg tarts there weren't good.

      I did see a couple of bakeries on Broadview, south of Gerrard that I've been meaning to try for their egg tarts, but haven't checked out yet. I'm looking for the egg tarts with the nice flaky crusts.

      1. re: janel

        Definitely 2 on Broadview. Not sure of the names or quality of egg tarts, though. If you're up for a banh mi, Rose Cafe has good ones. It's on the west side of Broadview.

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          Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the bakery I get egg tarts from on Broadview, I think it's right by KAka lucky B.B.Q.,the one with the dusty wedding cakes. The egg tarts are quite good there, very flaky pastry.

    2. Tung Hing has two locations. One on Broadview just south of Gerrard and one on Gerrard just east of Broadview. There's also Miao Ke Hong Bakery just south of Tung Hing. Both are good. I really enjoy the "big" steamed bun at Tung Hing. Otherwise the fare is interchangeable. Both offer decent, "utility" chinese buns.

      Tung Hing
      349 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

      Tung Hing
      674 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

      Miao Ke Hong Bakery
      345 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

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      1. re: yoyodyne

        I can't judge authenticity, but I sure can judge bad baking.

        Miao Ke Hong (I'm going by the relative address - I don't know the name) is probably the best of these. It changed hands some time back and went from being very good to just okay.

        The bakeries on the west side of Broadview are awful. Tung Hing falls somewhere in between.

      2. I live in the area, and I love egg tarts. I don't remember the bakery names, so I have to give the directions.
        -- first bakery south of Gerrard, on the east side -- the best tarts in the area IMHO. They're very flaky and slightly greasy, which is just the way I remember it from my childhood. This one serves the most authentic pastries in the area.
        -- second bakery south of Gerrard, east side -- also tasty, though less greasy (when it comes to egg tarts, this is not a good thing) -- the crust is more Western = very baked and pie-ish
        -- bakery next to Pearl Court on Gerrard -- avoid this place -- the pastries are an embaressment since they changed hands a year or two ago
        -- bakery across the street from Grand Restaurant on Gerrard -- decent egg tarts -- still flaky, though not as tasty as the ones from the bakery on Broadview