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a truly vegetarian Jamaican patty.

fishnetstars Mar 13, 2009 07:47 AM

I am having a hard time finding a supplier for a vegetarian patty. Most companies supply vegetarian patties, but the dirty secret is that there is beef paste [ suet ] in the crust.

Does anyone know a company that makes patties that are entirely vegetarian?


  1. c
    CeeJ May 19, 2010 10:18 AM

    The Sweet Potato in the Junction carries Vege Hut patties (not Jamaican style - but the bonus is they're spelt flour) - vegetarian and vegan options - very tasty indeed.

    They also just brought in frozen Taste of Life patties which are delicious - I can't attest to the authenticity of a Jamaican patty - but I tried these at the Green Living show - and yum. Totally vegan and totally awesome.

    1. p
      Pincus Apr 28, 2010 09:32 AM

      Went to The Big Carrot last weekend and they no longer sell any vegan/vegetarian Jamaican patties.

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      1. re: Pincus
        tastelife Jul 7, 2010 06:40 PM

        @ Pincus

        Big Carrot now have our patties again and you can find them in the freezer in individually wrapped singles with a label. You can call us at 905-593-3173/4 or for info you can message me @ 647-999-0828 or info@tasteoflife.biz Thanks for the encouraging responses! : )

      2. m
        maple99 Apr 1, 2010 12:18 PM

        I noticed that the Noah's store on Yonge btwn Bloor and Wellesley has quite a few flavours of vegan patties, from a supplier called Vegehut. I have not tried them or know if they are in a Jamaican style or not.

        1. shelleypascual Mar 30, 2010 02:46 PM

          Island Foods has some decent vegetarian patties from what I can remember. You may want to call them in advance if you plan on making a large order. Or ask 'em who their supplier is? And if their patties don't have that beef paste in 'em that you're worried about.


          1. absurdistan Mar 30, 2010 03:53 AM

            Not sure but perhaps ask at One Love. They serve vegetarian Jamaican food.

            One Love Vegetarian
            854 Bathurst St Toronto, ON

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            1. re: absurdistan
              missnomer Apr 28, 2010 12:45 PM

              One Love is really great and vegan to boot. I've never noticed pattys though.

              Totally off-topic, but their soup is fantastic and vegan cupcakes/muffins are to die for.

              1. re: missnomer
                billfrist Jun 22, 2010 07:39 PM

                They're amazing. I've asked them about patties, and the last time I was there they told me they were still looking for a good supplier/recipe.

            2. b
              billfrist Mar 29, 2010 08:51 PM

              I'm looking for the same thing. I emailed taste of life to see if their patties were sold in stores, but I never got a reply and after hearing that they weren't very good... screw it.
              I'll try the Rastafarian place, but The Big Carrot and Planet Organic are pretty far from me and I want to know if their patties are good before I go all the way out there. Has anyone had them?

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              1. re: billfrist
                Pincus Mar 30, 2010 08:01 AM

                This thread has me craving some patties, I think I will drop into The Big Carrot this weekend and report back on my experiences.

              2. w
                wontonfm Mar 13, 2009 07:35 PM

                you'll have luck at a rastafarian spot since they are vegan (i believe). there is a spot on Eglinton betwen Dufferin and Oakwood on the north side of the street. It might be by Northcliffe.


                1. p
                  piccola Mar 13, 2009 05:49 PM

                  Ack! So glad I read this before eating a "veg" patty. Surely someplace serves a suet-free version...

                  1. p
                    Pincus Mar 13, 2009 10:03 AM

                    Good question.

                    Quick search turns up this site: http://www.tasteoflife.biz/pg2.asp

                    With minimal info, looks like you're going to have to dig around some.

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                    1. re: Pincus
                      jeffs101 Mar 13, 2009 10:40 AM

                      The patties from tasteoflife were very good. They used to have a place in Kensington Market but they haven't been there in a while.

                      Places like Planet Organic and The Big Carror sell frozen vegan patties.

                      1. re: Pincus
                        helenhelen Jun 11, 2012 10:07 PM

                        i was told by an employee at wholefoods that this company went under :(

                      2. t
                        thora Mar 13, 2009 08:54 AM

                        You mean a "Jamaican" patty, right? i.e. one of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamaican...

                        1. ChalkBoy Mar 13, 2009 07:58 AM


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