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a truly vegetarian Jamaican patty.

I am having a hard time finding a supplier for a vegetarian patty. Most companies supply vegetarian patties, but the dirty secret is that there is beef paste [ suet ] in the crust.

Does anyone know a company that makes patties that are entirely vegetarian?


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    1. You mean a "Jamaican" patty, right? i.e. one of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamaican...

      1. Good question.

        Quick search turns up this site: http://www.tasteoflife.biz/pg2.asp

        With minimal info, looks like you're going to have to dig around some.

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          The patties from tasteoflife were very good. They used to have a place in Kensington Market but they haven't been there in a while.

          Places like Planet Organic and The Big Carror sell frozen vegan patties.

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            i was told by an employee at wholefoods that this company went under :(

          2. Ack! So glad I read this before eating a "veg" patty. Surely someplace serves a suet-free version...

            1. you'll have luck at a rastafarian spot since they are vegan (i believe). there is a spot on Eglinton betwen Dufferin and Oakwood on the north side of the street. It might be by Northcliffe.


              1. I'm looking for the same thing. I emailed taste of life to see if their patties were sold in stores, but I never got a reply and after hearing that they weren't very good... screw it.
                I'll try the Rastafarian place, but The Big Carrot and Planet Organic are pretty far from me and I want to know if their patties are good before I go all the way out there. Has anyone had them?

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                  This thread has me craving some patties, I think I will drop into The Big Carrot this weekend and report back on my experiences.

                2. Not sure but perhaps ask at One Love. They serve vegetarian Jamaican food.

                  One Love Vegetarian
                  854 Bathurst St Toronto, ON

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                    One Love is really great and vegan to boot. I've never noticed pattys though.

                    Totally off-topic, but their soup is fantastic and vegan cupcakes/muffins are to die for.

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                      They're amazing. I've asked them about patties, and the last time I was there they told me they were still looking for a good supplier/recipe.

                  2. Island Foods has some decent vegetarian patties from what I can remember. You may want to call them in advance if you plan on making a large order. Or ask 'em who their supplier is? And if their patties don't have that beef paste in 'em that you're worried about.


                    1. I noticed that the Noah's store on Yonge btwn Bloor and Wellesley has quite a few flavours of vegan patties, from a supplier called Vegehut. I have not tried them or know if they are in a Jamaican style or not.

                      1. Went to The Big Carrot last weekend and they no longer sell any vegan/vegetarian Jamaican patties.

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                          @ Pincus

                          Big Carrot now have our patties again and you can find them in the freezer in individually wrapped singles with a label. You can call us at 905-593-3173/4 or for info you can message me @ 647-999-0828 or info@tasteoflife.biz Thanks for the encouraging responses! : )

                        2. The Sweet Potato in the Junction carries Vege Hut patties (not Jamaican style - but the bonus is they're spelt flour) - vegetarian and vegan options - very tasty indeed.

                          They also just brought in frozen Taste of Life patties which are delicious - I can't attest to the authenticity of a Jamaican patty - but I tried these at the Green Living show - and yum. Totally vegan and totally awesome.