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a truly vegetarian Jamaican patty.

I am having a hard time finding a supplier for a vegetarian patty. Most companies supply vegetarian patties, but the dirty secret is that there is beef paste [ suet ] in the crust.

Does anyone know a company that makes patties that are entirely vegetarian?


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    1. You mean a "Jamaican" patty, right? i.e. one of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamaican...

      1. Good question.

        Quick search turns up this site: http://www.tasteoflife.biz/pg2.asp

        With minimal info, looks like you're going to have to dig around some.

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          The patties from tasteoflife were very good. They used to have a place in Kensington Market but they haven't been there in a while.

          Places like Planet Organic and The Big Carror sell frozen vegan patties.

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            i was told by an employee at wholefoods that this company went under :(

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