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Mar 13, 2009 07:27 AM

Confused: Bayona, Herbsaint

On the Bayona website, it says Susan Spicer opened Herbsaint. On the Herbsaint website, the Chef/Owner is Donald Link. Does anyone have the story on this? And while you are at it, which do you prefer? Thanks.

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  1. When Herbsaint first opened, Link and Spicer were partners in the restaurant, with Link being the chef. I believe Link may have bought Spicer out, as I have not heard of her being involved any longer. Don't know for sure if Spicer still holds any interest in it.

    Both are great restaurants, though I prefer Bayona of the two.

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    1. re: BayouTeche

      As far as I know, Spicer no longer has any involvement.

      I don't particularly care for either, but I haven't been to Bayona in a while.

    2. Both! Delicious food in two different atmospheres. Both Bayona & Herbsaint are excellent!

        1. Teche is correct. Spicer and Link were partners in Herbsaint when it originally opened, but Susan is no longer part of the ownership group.

          I have not been to Bayona in quite a while. On the other hand, Herbsaint might be one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Housemade spaghetti and guanciale topped with a deep fried poached egg = incredible.

          1. I like Herbsaint. I've only been to Bayona once but it was just okay in my opinion. I've been to Herbsaint many times and have always been impressed with everything: the freshness of the fish, the sauces, the taste of everything.