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Mar 13, 2009 07:17 AM

Cuisinart Durability?

I purchased a 14 cup Cuisinart push button model (DLC -2014NC) at Caynes, and have used it for about 2 years, lightly once or twice a day. The buttons have cracked, and Cayne's has replaced it three times due to this. They are denying anyone else has had this problem, but I am not overly using it. Is it because I purchased it at a discount store as opposed to a high end store? Has anyone had this happen?

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  1. I've had a Cui8sinart for years and never had any issues with it. Make them give you a refund

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      8 yrs I think, discount store yes, no problems, refund for you absolutely.

    2. I have beeb using Cuisinarts for 28 years and never have had a button crack. I have had parts on the work bowl and lid break but that is it.

      1. I don't know how they make them today. My Cuisinart is about thirty years old, has had one blade replacement, and still works like new. It doesn't even have any buttons....

        I've never had any problems with Cayne's. I've also never known them to sell damaged stock, seconds, or even refurbs.

        I think you should take this up with Cuisinart. It may just be very bad luck, or it could be a small design flaw that you happen to trigger by hitting the weak spot during normal use. However, it might be a known problem that they keep quiet.

        This reminds me of my Bodum automatic vacuum pot coffee maker. I originally bought it at Starbucks, at a deep discount. When it quickly failed, Starbucks replaced it - twice - and then referred me to Bodum.

        Starbuck's told me they stopped selling it because of chronic warranty issues, which Bodum denied. However, Bodum sent me about sixteen (!) free replacement units over five years before a new North American management said "no more".

        All through this fiasco, Bodum denied any inherent problems with that model. I eventually spoke to the head of Bodum North America, who sent me one last unit and admitted that it was an expensive, beautifully designed piece of junk. (It did make great coffee, though.)

        1. I had the original for 25 years and it worked great. I replaced it with the DLC-8. The tab on the pusher has broken twice and the chopper blade also broke. Cuisinart admitted the this is a problem but they refused to do anything. After much nagging they agreed to sell me the parts at half of the replacement price.

          1. My first Cuisinart was purchased in 1978 and was still running strong in 2003, with daily use in a small restaurant! Even then, it didn't quit and I never had any buttons break ... I just needed something larger and I gave the original to a friend.

            Maybe they've changed the quality or perhaps it's just the particular model you bought. I think I'd try a different model.