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Dinner near North Star Bar - 27th & Poplar Sts

I am going with a friend to a concert at the North Star Bar next Saturday night and need a place for dinner. Last time we were there - we went to Rembrandt's at 23rd Street. It was good but I am looking for a new place to try.

Some people that are attending the concert are going to London Grill. Jack's Firehouse was also mentioned.

Off street parking would be a plus!


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  1. The Belgian Cafe on 21st & Green. It's a bit more of a walk to North Star compared to the fairmount restaurants, but not that much.

    1. You should think about Bridgids. Probably my favorite place around there. I also like Aspen, or at least I used to like it quite a bit - it's been years since I ate there.
      Not a big fan of Jack's. Or Rembrandts.

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      1. i definitely recommend trio, which is where i ate last time i went to a show at north star. it's a cute little thai BYOB, and i think their food is fabulous (if a little pricey, as far as asian food goes). i think it's at 26th and brown, one of the closest places to the venue.

        1. This is a tough one for me because I don't like The Belgian Cafe, Rembrandt's, Aspen, Trio, London Grill or Jack's.

          I haven't tried Bridgid's yet though.

          I can't think of anything within walking distance I would choose to spend money at. St Stephen's Green is decent but a bit further away...

          1. The only place I can think of near there that hasn't been mentioned is the Bishop's Collar. I haven't been there in a really long time though. I'm not a fan of London Grill or the Belgian Cafe, I had some dishes at Trio that were really good (apps, mostly) and some that weren't (entrees).

            1. The only place I can think of that hasn't neen mentioned is L'oca - I have never been and there are mixed reviews on this board

              1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I think we are going to try Aspen - close enough to walk to the North Star. I will let you know about my experience as well as what the others thought of London Grill.

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                  Aspen is closed and has been since late October. Not sure if they are going to re open or not....

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                    oooh where's that? is it new? i've never heard of it!

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                      that was my recommendation! it is a bar with V good ethiopian. it is on poplar, a block or two west of north star...

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                        that was my recommendation! it is a bar with V good ethiopian. it is on poplar, a block or two west of north star...

                      2. Rabidog-been trying to respond to your post re Era but to no avail. Go to yelp.com for the exact address but it is a stone's throw from North Star. Hole in the wall but great ethiopean food. Glad to be some help to you (finally) after all the helpful posts you've given me.

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                          awe, thank you! *blush*

                          just read the yelp page... place sounds great... i am going to have to run not walk over there!!! thanks - it's always refreshing to hear about nearby places that are new to me!

                        2. Rabidog-I stopped being lazy and went to yelp.com myself. Here is the address: 2743 Poplar St. Go-it is divey but oh so good.

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                                Actually - thanks Rookmcl for the heads up - just called and they are closed for business.

                                I checked out a couple sites for ERA and it looks interesting - I am always up for adventure! I will have to confirm with my date but it might be the choice.

                                Fallback is Bridgids!

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                                  report back on ERA (or bridgid's)...art museum area always tough with parking...so i rarely go there....but lots of decent places

                              2. Yes, Aspen closed - maybe a few months ago? Trio is a great Thai BYOB - right by North Star. Figs is also close by. It's cash only, and both are a little pricier than other places thrown out - but they're closer to the bar. If you want something more casual, try Bridgid's.

                                  1. I live a couple couple of blocks away from North Star. Era is good, homemade food - place is a complete dive tho. I just had some take out from Trio that was the best we've ever had from them - stick to the thai stuff - especially the drunken noodles or pad thai, which are excellent in my opinion. I always order from the same handful of items and I am rarely dissappointed. They did have a lemongrass slider with spicy slaw app special that was good. Also, you can order most of the chicken entrees with tofu if you are veg. I just had a horrible brunch at belgian cafe during beer week - the burgers were overdone, items were missing. Last thought is to order soul food takeout from Deborahs on Girard and walk over to Lemon Hill for a picnic if the weather is nice - don't miss the banana pudding.

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                                      yes, those drunken noodles were something else... the best in the city, IMO (it's my fave dish)... also i remember a funky little app called the beggar's pouches which rock.

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                                        Perhaps we'll just come to your house for dinner populargirl! What are you serving on Saturday night? Shall I bring white or red?