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Mar 13, 2009 06:55 AM

Chinese Lunch in Newton on a Saturday

I'm planning a birthday lunch for next Saturday in Newton and am wondering what the best restaurant would be for a sit-down lunch that is not dim sum or buffet. The celebrant, who will be 90, is probably more familiar with American-style Chinese food than more adventurous fare. Rice Valley gets the "just ok" rating from me but is probably the lead contender at the moment. I haven't been to Jumbo in Newton Centre in years because it was so terribly bland. Is Ginger Root any better? I would prefer to stay in Newton but if there's a better option in a neighboring town, please let me know.

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  1. Green Tea at the corner of Rt. 9 and Eliot St. is pretty decent and has a nice decor.

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      I know they don't do lunch specials on a Saturday but can you order off the regular menu anytime if you don't want dim sum?

      1. For what your looking for id say Bernards in the mall.

        Personally id go to Green Tea if i was in newton and wanted Chinese.

        1. Chung SHin Yuan on California (but you would have to get there well before they open and wait in line for a table, or go late-ish like 2pm). They have an "American-style" menu as well as authentic Taiwanese (try the fried cruller and the steamed spicy spareribs (over yams))

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            I forgot about them....yes, Chung Shin Yuan is very good. Ambience at Green Tea a bit better. Bernards might be best for ambience/food....but much more expensive. Might be easier for grandma to get in/out though.

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              I appreciate the thought but my great aunt is remarkably mobile and agile so access is not an issue.

          2. I am a fan of both Green Tea and Chung Shin Yuan but don't think they meet your needs for a Satuday lunch for your 'celebrant'. Both are busy dim sum places on the weekends. Personally, I would suggest you look at China Sky in Wellesley: Nice Decor, Varied Menu, Easy Access