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Mar 13, 2009 05:40 AM

Jersey Shore Restaurants

We're going to Marriott's Seaview Resort for a week at the end of April/beginning of May and are looking for some recommendations for B/L/D. Hoping to get some recommendations from "natives" that will send us to some places that the local folks (as opposed to the summer visitors) really like. We like just about everything except Indian food.

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  1. What town will you be staying in? How far are you willing to drive? The 'Jersey Shore' covers a long distance.

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    1. re: njchowgal

      We'll be in Absecon and I'd be willing to go a 1/2 hour or so for something good. We also like BYOs.

    2. There's a great Greek restaurant on Rt 9 just a mile or two south of the Seaview called Athenian Garden. Recommended for lunch or dinner. Also try the Sunryser Country store & Deli for breakfast, a little further south, in Absecon. There's a great Mexican in Pleasantville called La Escondida, and in AC try Little Saigon for Vietnamese. None of these are touristy places (although the word is out on Little Saigon I suppose).

      Seaview's sunday brunch is very good, BTW.

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        Love the Athenian Garden; just wish it were closer to where I live. Absolutely worth the stop. Also really like Little Saigon, but it does get crowded.

      2. For non casino great meals: Angelo's Fairmount Tavern for great, local, Italian. For Vietnamese with no atmosphere go to Little Saigon. Both are in Atlantic City and not too far from the Seaview Resort.

        1. Try the Oyster Creek Inn. It's a unique place with a waterfront setting.

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            I second Oyster Creek Inn. I recommend you call to check on "pre-season" open hours. Here's a link to my post from last year:


            Oyster Creek Inn
            41 N Oyster Creek Rd, Leeds Point, NJ 08220