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Mar 13, 2009 05:24 AM

Best Recession Eats on CT Shoreline

OK - we are all looking to save a few $$ and still go out and have a nice dinner until this all blows over....

I was thinking if we could have a list of best places to enjoy a meal - any kind - for under $15-20 pp

ALSO - - are there any BYOB places around the shoreline?

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  1. This might not be what you had in mind, but I just took my 5 y/o to breakfast this of those he's too sick to be in school, but fine when he's home. Any event we went to the little "diner" style restaurant on Main St. in East Haven/Annex section. Old, grandma like decor inside, but you know what it was comfortable. Service was quick and attentive. Food was food! I had an egg white omelette with potatoes, onions, cheese and home fires on the side. My son had this humungo size chocochip pancake which he found quite delicious, but what 5 y/o wouldn't. Best grease on the plate. Total bill was $12. I've driven by this place countless times and never considered trying it until today. Decor is late 60's, early 70's...just because it probably hasn't been updated since then. Made me feel like I was at my grandparents house with no plastic on the chairs. I would def go again. Everyone there made you feel at home. Plus my son got a free lollipop on the way out...I think that sealed the deal for him.

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      that's the village diner. I like it, but it's been a while.

      twin pines, also in EH has great deals daily- soup, salad & entree all for under 10 bucks. not byob though :) it's also nice inside.

      1. re: shoreline

        I've asked a few people and I've been getting the same response....Good food, great prices. All word of mouth

      2. re: triggs73

        I like diners - trouble is some of them have become expensive too for what you get.

        I like a great diner that has a really great pancake and waffle selection

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          have you tried Chip's in Orange?

      3. Try Incas a Peruvian restaurant in the Devon section of Milford on Naugatuck ave. It has been recently reviewed here. Good food, nice clean envir and byob you can easily get a good meal for 2 for 35-40 bucks

        1. You don't say which part of the shoreline you are on, but if you are near New Haven or Bridgeport you should try some of the "ethnic" options available in those cities.

          For example, I had dinner at a Brazilian place on North Ave in BPT on Saturday a FULL plate of food only cost me $8 and it was very good. They have a buffet and also the rotiserrie barbecue for meat.

          Search the board for other South American, Mexican, Jamaican, etc.....options that are very good and won't break the bank.

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            what's the name of the Brazilian place in BPT?

            1. re: imissnycfood

              Terras Brasilis on North Avenue.


              There is also another very good Brazilian place nearby called El Pantanal that got written up in the NY Times recently . And a new place just opened up on Main Street, but I haven't tried it yet.

          2. just got this e-mail from nellie greens.
            Mid-Week Madness Menu is HERE!

            Come in Wednesday and Thursday nights 5:00 to closing. Two people can enjoy salad, main course and a bottle of wine for only $32.00!!

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            1. re: shoreline

              wow that is a great price

              Anyone eaten at this Nellie Greens?

              1. re: few

                Great Place! We have eaten there many times in summer and winter. Fun patio in summer alone Branford river and the Winter madness specials are fantastic!! Good food and drinks and friendly staff.

            2. How did I overlook this? Lao Sze Chuan in Milford, my new favorite Chinese spot that is nowhere near my house, offers combo meals all day for $10.00:

              Egg roll or spring roll
              Choice of rice

              Beef/chicken/pork/tofu with Kung Pao sauce
              Fried chicken with choice of sauce (spicy orange, sesame, sweet/sour, General Tso's or lemon)
              Beef/chicken/tofu with broccoli
              Beef/chicken with pepper & onion

              Lunch special combos are just $6, Monday - Friday, 11:30-3:00, and there are 30 different choices...all with soup/rice/roll.

              Much of their regular dinner menu also fits the $15-20/pp criterion.


              BTW, we did try the pig ear (photo below) last time we went. If you have not eaten this part of the pig before, you may want to keep it that way unless you fancy yourself to be some sort of soulmate of Andrew Zimmern. ;) It's sinewy as all get out. And, though it looks like ham, it tastes NOTHING like ham. But others, who I presume grew up eating the stuff, were enjoying it. I witnessed it with my own eyes.

              Anyway, for me, this place is among the "Best Eats" period with an added bonus of being in the "Best Recession Eats on CT Shoreline."

              Lao Sze Chuan Chinese Restaurant
              1585 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460