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Mar 13, 2009 04:47 AM

Table 17

Hey Chowhounders,
Re: Table 17
this place caught my interest when scouting around for a new restaurant to try. I don't know anyone who has eaten there or heard much about it. Sounds interesting and decent. Can anyone tell me what it is like? Was thinking of trying it but is it worth the drive?
Thanks !

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  1. I'm intrigued by it as well. I've just moved to the East End after 10 years of living and eating my way through the west end. Am really looking forward to discovering some great food in the area.

    1. I've only been there twice but both times I had a pretty good meal. It was a while ago but I had some scallops as a starter, which were properly cooked, a delicious fish dish (cod maybe?) on one occasion and the steak frites another time. The space is comfortable and the service was decent. I don't know if it's special enough for a drive across town but I think it's a great neighbourhood place.

      1. Went last night for the first time - loved everything. Staff are excellent, food was lovely - they have a fixed price menu on Sundays for $27 and you can bring your own wine. On the fixed price menu we had a great potato soup, amazing lamb - chunks of shank I think, very tender and flavourful, with a terrific celeriac gratin, and fennel. After that, a lemon tart, runny, good sweet sour balance. We also has the chilli beef ribs - very tender and tasty.
        Will definitely go back - this is a place that deserves to succeed, amongst all the strivers in Leslieville. They are also open Mondays from 5:30 I think - a great bonus for those of us who live nearby and have an empty larder after a hard day's work!

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          Thanks everyone! Sounds good to me.
          Think I may give it a try !