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Mar 13, 2009 04:29 AM

Looking for some good seafood tonight...

I'm craving for some good seafood, something along the lines of a New England clambake. Does anyone know where I can go to get this? I'm pretty open about location, but would prefer a place no more than an hour drive away from Manhattan. Thanks!

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  1. Anything good doesn't exist an hour away. Your best bet is to go to Mary's (or Pearl in Manhattan) for a lobster roll.

    1. There is a Legal Seafood in the Walt Whitman Mall on LI
      They have always delivered fresh, well cooked seafood
      in my 4-5 times dining there.

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      1. re: mike in brooklyn

        I keep having to edit this post: apparently the Legal's in the Paramus Center has closed. But closer in on LI, there's a Legal Seafoods in Garden City. To the west, there's still a Legal Seafood in the Garden State Plaza, just across the GW. If you're interested in the opinion of a New Englander, you're not going to find better New England clams, lobster, etc. than Legal's - the NYC imitations (Pearl, Mary's, Brooklyn) are four times the price for, at best, as-good lobster rolls, steamers, fried clams, etc.

        1. re: cjd260

          Just for the record (and I am not trying to start a war :)... I am also a native (seacoast) New Englander and would not recommend Legal Seafood over Mary's, but I do agree that you will spend an arm and 2 legs there on something that cannot compare to a fish shack in Maine for the quarter of the price.