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Mar 12, 2009 10:22 PM


Does any restaurant in NOLA serve turducken on a regular basis?

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  1. 1. I don't think so.
    2. I hope not.

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      1. re: ClevelandRandy

        Is there a place I could buy a frozen one? I sure would like to bring it home and serve it next Christmas.

        1. re: hoppy2468

          I don't care what anyone says the two I have had were fabulous.

          1. re: hoppy2468

            While we're suggesting shipped items, I'd offer up Don's Specialty Meats. The Turducken is a good bit more expensive, but you could throw in some of their other items (good boudin) and their products are always of a good quality.


            Like BayouTeche, I have trouble with a lot of Turduckens out there, and "Turducken rolls" trouble me most.

            For the price though, mrsfury's suggestion would be tough to beat.