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Mar 12, 2009 09:19 PM

Recommendations in Rangoon?

We will be traveling to Burma (Myanmar) in May and look forward to revisiting some of the great places that we ate in Rangoon (Yangon), but are also looking for recommendations. We are up for just about anything and generally avoid places directed exclusively to tourists. On our last trip, we particularly enjoyed Le Planteur and Furusato.


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  1. Not your criteria but I wouldn't miss a meal at the Strand. Absolutely fabuluous - and such a sad commentary on the state of the country that thist top-end place can flourish. When I was there some years ago it was mainly the local elite who were there.

    1. Does any one have any comments about good eating in Yangon?

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          I will now answer the question, having just returned from 3-plus weeks in Burma.

          In my opinion, there is very good street food, although I did not see the variety that one might find in Thailand, for example. Granted, most of my forays were in rural areas and not in Yangon itself. I especially enjoyed the fried treats--samosas and pancakes studded with onion and beans. Also look for a dish called "samosa salad."

          In Yangon, I had a good meal at the Thai restaurant, Sabai, Sabai, located about a mile from the Savoy Hotel on Dhammazedi Road and therefore, not in the downtown area. For 13,000 kyat, or about $13US, I enjoyed a pair of river prawns, a credible rendition of pad see ew, and a fresh lime juice. Sabai Sabai has a lovely atmosphere and friendly, if a bit slow, service.

          I had one lunch at the Golden Duck, a large Chinese restaurant favored by tour groups and guides. I do not recommend this restaurant. It was not terrible, by any means, but served mediocre food for prices that are high for the country. My lunch there (four persons) consisted of:

          Whole roast duck--meat in this namesake dish was tough. Not recommended.

          "Crispy Fish with Lemon Sauce." Lightly fried; delicious.

          Chicken with Cashews, Pineapple and Banana. Fair; think neighborhood Chinese restaurant in the US.

          Noodles with Pork and Vegetables. Mediocre.

          The beverage of the table was fresh lime juice; total price for four persons: $30US

          Based on my own very limited experience, those seeking non-Burmese and non-Shan food should seek out Thai, rather than Chinese restaurants.. Ko's Kitchen is a decent choice in Mandalay. I did not sample any of the country's many Indian restaurants so cannot comment on those.