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Mar 12, 2009 08:32 PM

another confused about range hoods

We love to cook--my wife and I met in a restaurant. I cooked, she served. Come to find out she's a better cook than I. We have great fun cooking together and decided to remodel our kitchen to make things easier. I found this site researching range hoods. We love the look of the chimney, wall mounted style. But we are having trouble--we don't know where to look for someone who knows a thing or two about range hoods. We checked 4 appliance centers--two box stores and two local places. No knowledgeable sales staff yet. We live in Phoenix, so there should be quite a bit more out there. Before I look further, can anyone give us some pointers?

These items are a little specialized. All four places we looked we were greeted by a salesman that seemed to have no clue he was in a steep recession--here I am, $1000 in hand, remodeling a kitchen, and he's telling me there's nothing in my price range, sorry, can't help you.

Granted, 1000 isn't much, but above our electric stove we are looking for a classic style (large hood) 30" hood in about 400 CFS (about eight total duct feet from top of hood to outside--a straight shot up). Cabinet mounted hoods are everywhere, which we don't want. There's got to be a light duty, durable, well made chimney style wall mounted range hood somewhere. Do I go online? How can I be sure I have everything in my order (motor, lighting, duct included?) How about install?

I am tired, my son has been vomiting all day, and I am a bit frustrated with our last experience in an appliance store--one we've been to before when first buying appliances and thought would patronize again. Severely disappointed this last time around.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I think Zephyr is where I'll look next.

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  1. my hood was more for looks than use, so take this as you will, but like you I was appalled at the prices I saw in an appliance store for the classic chimney style hood--$1400 or so. I went on-line and ended up with this (which the appliance store where I was ordering everything else -fridge, oven, etc. ordered for me). As I've said in other postings, I hardly use the blower, but it's 370 CFS. As for install, we had a gut renovation, so the "guys" did that. We installed it over a tile backsplash- looks terrific.

    1. After my research, I went with the Zephyr Savona. 2nd ranking went to Kobe.
      Stop relying on clueless salesmen. The web is your friend. You might wanna take a look at gardenweb:

      It looks like the Savona or Roma might be of interest to you:

      1. We're at the tail end of our kitchen remodel and we went with the Zephyr Venezia 30" hood. I paid around $1100 for it at a local appliance dealer (we're in Philadelphia). Second choice was a Kobe hood that was under $1000, but the depth was the difference. The Zephyr was 24" deep and the Kobe was 20" deep. Ultimately, I felt the extra forward coverage would help especially when using my grill pan. And by the way, both of these hoods will deliver over 700 cfm at their highest speeds.

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          PhillyRay -
          I was leaning towards the Venezia as well, but in the end, the cost difference was a big factor. The Venezia definitely has a wow factor to it. I bet the four lights are really nice compared to two, but I think the Savona worked out to be a better bargain all in all for me. Plus, the rounded edge worked out better in "this old house." Our remodel is pretty much done. A few lights left to hang, the cooktop has to be anchored in, but we're fully functional. Total gut down to the studs. Started 1st week in Dec. Been cooking everythin g in a waffle maker, a panini press, microwave, and a crock pot for darn near three months now. You can bet that the first thing I'm gonna do is break out the wok on the 18k btu burner!

          1. re: gordeaux

            The 30" Venezia only has 2 lights. Only the larger ones have 4.

            I feel lucky. Our remodel started the first week of February and we're almost done. Luckily, we have family nearby that fed us for most of the time.

            What kind of cabinets, appliances, etc. did you go with? We did KraftMaid cabinets and GE Profile appliances. The progressive rebate was too good to pass up ($200 back for purchasing 3 appliances).

            1. re: Philly Ray

              Cardell: Kind of a mid grade cab maker. We went with the self closing drawers, and the self closing cabinet doors. General Contractor and Cabinet salesman and kitchen designed all told us not to go with expensive cabinets. Mid grade cabinets will still outlast their usefulness. The kitchen will be redone again before the cabinets are broken down. No need to spend an arm and a leg, they wont last any longer if you do.

              KA reg depth FD fridge with ice maker and water dispenser NOT in the door. Those things take up way too much room.

              Electrolux Icon Pro 30 inch double wall oven

              Zephyr Savona 36 over a
              KA 36 scratch resistant SS gas cooktop

              KA DW

              Granite - peacock blue (SO cool - new stuff everytime you look at it!)
              We knocked out two walls, a two story chimney (not two floors, two STORIES.) Built a new powder room, a new closet, and replumbed the entire house from the middle of the street to the 2nd floor bathrooms.

              The plumber, electrician, next door neighbor, and inlaws all say it should be in a magazine what we did to this place. The 1/2 inch thick layer of dust on EVERYTHING, even the plastic covered stuff proves it.

              1. re: gordeaux

                So,.... where are the pics! You're teasing us!

                1. re: toomanypots

                  Waiting for the GC to send me his "before" pics to see whose are better - mine or his. Demo started a few days before gordeaux jr was born, so time is at a premium, but the pics are coming...

                  1. re: gordeaux

                    Cool... and congrats on Jr! Only the afterpics are needed, IMO!

                    1. re: toomanypots

                      well sorry, it's an all or nothing thing.
                      It's a 94meg powerpoint. will take a few minutes to open...


                      1. re: gordeaux

                        Gordeaux...I downloaded and saw the preso. You should enter your kitchen into my kitchen design contest.

                        (Disclaimer: I work for Zephyr so this is self-promotion. My apologies)

                    2. re: gordeaux

                      I'm sorry, I never replied to your original question. I installed the KitchenAid KHTU705ssss Architect (600cfm) and am very happy with it. Actually got it at a discount center (they sell mainly scratch 'n dent) so I don't know the retail on this one.