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Mar 12, 2009 08:15 PM


Inakaya Roppongi is one of the most popular high end robata-yaki places in Tokyo. You choose from an array of fresh ingredients, and the chefs prepare them right in front of your seats around a counter. And when done, the chefs send your food over on a wooden tray stick while still kneeling (yes, kneeling) on top of a platform where the food are grilled. It was one of the most memorable, both delicious and fun, dining experiences for me in Japan. When I learned that a branch has opened in New York, I was really excited. Has anyone dined there yet? I'm planning visit NY in April, and am wondering how you New Yorker like the food and atmospher there?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I am curious too, but realize it just opened, as in I think two-three days ago.

    2. One of my best memories from Tokyo. My office is moving around the corner. it's high on my list.

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        Please try it and report back before my trip in April. :)

      2. Has anyone tried this place yet?

        1. i've been to the Tokyo one, a few years ago on my very first trip to's very popular with tourists...the meal i had there was tasty, but the food was barely memorable when compared the hundreds of better meals i've had in Japan...

          Not dissing it exactly, but it's not somewhere i'd be particularly excited to try again, in Tokyo or NYC...

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            I went last night around 9:30 and the place was packed, really fun atmosphere. Food was much better than I had expected - had all the scewers (ground chicken, chicken thigh and wagyu) and tons of vegetables (mushrooms were amazing, eggplant, okra, sweet potatoes).

          2. fianlly made after hearing so-so reviews. It did bring back memories of Roppongi district in Tokyo from my way too long ago (1991) trip. I had shishito peppers and tsukune (ground chicken) which were good but I've had better (and chaeper) at Torys, Totto or Tori Shin. They had these humongous king crab legs on ice staring me in the face so I splurged ($27) and ordered it. Nicely grilled and fresh sweet crabmeat but it's a lot of work to pick out the crab from the single grilled leg and at the end i wondered whether I got more crabmeat without the effort from a single packed piece of king crab nigiri sushi that I get at Ushi Wakaamaru. For dessert-sashimi-something they don't have at the Tokyo branch. A $26 platter of Santa Barabara uni that actually was worth it given the quantity/quality. Also, nice $10 sake flight of 3 good sakes.