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Mar 12, 2009 07:45 PM

Fun place, really good food and service, downtown, for my daughter's 23rd birthday. We'll be a party of about 8...

any suggestions? Anything but steak.

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  1. How much do you want to pay?

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    1. re: Pan

      really, whatever. Without drinks $50-75/pp ?

      1. re: lzcrane

        Do you live in the vicinity of NYC or will you all be visiting from elsewhere? Knowing this may help us choose a spot. Thanks.

        1. re: LeahBaila

          We live in LA, but my daughter has lived in the city for the last 4 years...however, on a student budget, she hasn't been to many of the better restaurants. She likes ethnic food, but really anything. We'd like to go somewhere with either a private room or at least the ability to talk a bit...

        2. re: lzcrane

          Another question that can help us narrow down the choices, because there are still loads and loads of restaurants in Manhattan within your current criteria:

          Which restaurants has your daughter liked before?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. It probably would help to know what restaurants the birthday girl has liked in the past, but, without that info, here are some suggestions off the top of my head:

          Buddakan (Chelsea): well-executed, upscale, exotic decor, pan-Asian

          Stanton Social (Lower East Side): trendy among the twenty-something set, Asian-inspired eclectic menu of creative small and larger plates that are intended for sharing, pretty and laid-back decor, cool cocktails

          Balthazar (SOHO): very popular and always packed, large upbeat brasserie with Belgo-French Euro menu and terrific seafood towers. The patisserie items are also very good. Good luck!

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          1. re: vvvindaloo

            I don't love Balthazar (we went to their sister restaurant in the meatpacking district a few years ago and nobody was very excited about it...). Stanton Social sounds absolutely PERFECT, but I just called and can't get in (this is for 2 weeks from now.) I'll try Buddakan... I love the small dish/sharing idea -- any other thoughts?

            1. re: lzcrane

              I was going to suggest Stanton Social, but what about Alta? It's also small plates, has a fun atmosphere, and the food is great.

            1. re: JamesKirkland

              I take it, that's the name of a place? First I've heard of it; please tell us more.

            2. Mercer Kitchen or Lure Fishbar would be fun for a group.

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              1. re: UWStoSONO

                I'll second Lure Fishbar, though, while the yacht decor is pretty cool, the overall ambiance is a bit less "fun" than at some other places.

                1. re: vvvindaloo

                  lure has been a good choice for me to bring both my parents and friends out together for dinner. the crowd is very mixed age-wise, chic enough for the kids, classic enough for the adults.

                  buddakan and mercer kitchen would be other good please-all suggestions.