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Mar 12, 2009 06:21 PM

Lunch spots in Bennington, VT

My sister and I are planning a day trip to Bennington, VT so we're looking for recommendations on where to get a tasty lunch and find a good coffee shop.

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  1. Isabella's is pretty tasty, funky. All Days and Onions is pretty good also and very consistent.

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      I second Isabella's. Haven't been to All Days but have read good things about it on the boards here.

    2. I agree with Izabella's, it's a nice small cafe with good food. The Blue Benn Diner is also a great place for lunch, as is Your Belly's Deli if you are looking for a good sandwich. I haven't been to Alldays for lunch in a number of years so can't comment. As far as coffee shops go, South Street Cafe is the best place, hands down. It is around the corner from Izabella's just south of the Four Corners.

      1. The Bean and Leaf is pretty good. It has the usual coffee fare, plus a decent selection of lunch items. It's located behind the Paradise Motel, which is on Rt. 9 westbound, across from the Hemmings Sunoco station.

        And Lil Britain has great fish 'n chips and they are open for lunch (and dinner), Tuesday through Saturday.

        Izabella's is good. I find it a bit on the pricey side. Blue Benn is always a favorite, albeit completely different from Izabella's. Be warned: Blue Benn is cash only.

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          Ah ha!
          So that's where Bean and Leaf is Lisa? I must have driven by it a gazillion times unawares. Yup, story of my life :-D


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            Blue Benn is a classic diner and great for diner food, try the cranberry/pecan pancakes....

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              I like the Chef's Hat ,just over the border, in Williamstown as well my friend.
              AND, while it's fresh, thanks for the support on that other OP :-D


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                  I hope & trust DS is on the mend as well, jspears.


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                    Remarkable really, back home in 3 days, back to work soon.

          2. All Days and Onions closed in June. Isabella's is good but don't try to get a grilled cheese, if you are an adult. that really annoyed my 44 year old daughter! Your Belly's Deli is a great sandwish, soup place, Less than a 1/2 block north of the intersection of US& and VT9,(known as the 4 corners) Behind the Clip Shop(North St) on Pleasant Street. A Short walk from Main Street parking.
            Madison's on Main St feature gluten-free items.For old fashioned diner type food go to Full Bellies(open til 2pm) on Main, one block west of the 4 corners. Peppermills a few blocks west on Main is open for lunch Sat and Sundays.

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              Always busy, but still the best....Penny Cluse, Breakfast & lunch

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                That's quite a drive from Bennington.

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                  Rats!!!! I read it as Burlington!!!!!! Sorry folks