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Mar 12, 2009 06:16 PM

parkside scallops, yum!

Wow. I was very impressed with Parkside tonight. I'd been meaning to go for about a year now after one hound posted that their fries were good.

I had an appetizer of red snapper w/ oranges and herbs from the raw bar. $13. A little on the bland side.

The hubby had a patron "perfect" margarita, rocks no salt. Good, but had he known it would be $12 he probably wouldn't have ordered it.

For the main courses, I ordered scallops w/ pureed carrots and oranges $24. The hubby ordered braised beef shortribs and polenta $24 (with a side of fries $4.50).

The fries were very good. I couldn't tell if they were fresh cut but they were fried to perfection with lots of fresh garlic and herbs on top.

Hubby liked the ribs and polenta.

Are you still reading this because OMG, the scallops were out of this world. Perfectly crisp on the top and bottom, sweet and juicy inside. They sat on a soft buttery, carrot puree. They were topped with a mushroom medley: hedgehog and I'm not sure what else. Along side were orange segments and orange juice which gave it a great punch. It was a symphony in my mouth. Just the best meal I've had in quite awhile. I knew it would be too because when I was trying to decide what to order I asked the waitress what was her favorite and she got this big smile and immediately said, 'the scallops".

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  1. Ditto on the scallop dish, it was just tremendous. And as much as I enjoyed the Wednesday special on the oysters and prosecco, the highlight of the meal for me was the fluke with almonds and lime - perfection. The only mild gripe I had about the meal was that the waiter was a little too chatty - I appreciate getting recommendations (he pushed the fluke, and I'm glad he did), but there comes a time when it's time to leave the diners to themselves.