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Mar 12, 2009 05:32 PM

Italian or Eastern European wines that have strong jasmine/floral?

I'm searching for wines to try that have a pronounced floral quality, preferably jasmine. Nebbiolo is one of my favorites with its perfume-ish quality and floral scent.

The same question applied to common varieties (PN, SYR, PG, other) here in the States: are there producers that make wines with a jasmine scent?

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  1. The third volume of my Gesammelte Abhandlungen contains a selection of my famous phrases. On page 293 you'll find this pearl:
    "Whenever I want berries, apples and citrus, I make myself a fruit salad with berries, apples and citrus."

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    1. re: RicRios

      But I don't want a fruit salad. *plaintively*

      I want floral wine.

    2. I have had one glass of Terredora di Paolo aglianico (2007). It had a floral scent. At the time, I thought that it might be that it was young. I have nothing with which to compare it and have not been able to find it locally.

      1. you could give a Sicily varietal, frappato, a try--might not be exactly what you're seeking, but could appeal to what your preferences sound like, and there are good ones at moderate prices(<$25 btl)

        1. Two dry Italian reds from rather obscure varietals come to mind: Lacrima di Morro d'Alba from le Marche and Ruche di Castiglione Monferrato from Piedmont. The first is an explosion of floral perfume; the latter, less so but still for a medium weight dry red fairly heady. There's been some discussion on Chow about both, for leads to producers. It's probably worth considering a good cru Beaujolais like a Chiroubles or Fleurie, or small grower gamays from the Loire, which can be delightful.

          1. Thanks for the leads. Y'all are sweet.