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Mar 12, 2009 05:03 PM

need inexpensive, healthy recipes for 60+

My son attends a boarding school in Arizona and is interested in improving the meals. Currently, they cook a lot of fried foods and Mexican dishes.. There are about 60-65 people at each meal (45 teenage boys and staff) and they spend only about $6 per person per day (amazing, isn't it?)

I would love to get him a cookbook or collection of recipes that he can use as the basis for his proposal. Regular recipes that can be made for big groups are most welcome.

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  1. Google 'large group cookbook' or 'catering recipe' in google and tons of ideas will pop up. Epicurious also has a section online. Old commune cookbooks would also work!

    While not healthy, I bet 45 teenage boys would prefer the fried foods over the more vegetable/bean based, healthy and cheaper diet. There's no nutrition in food not eaten.

    Lastly, when costing foods in the proposal, remember that a school will order large amounts and so pay more wholesale prices than the food you see in the grocery.

    1. I am not sure if this is exactly what you want, but I think a book like Mark Bitman's How To Cook Everything would be a good start, then just use those math skills to up the amounts. My concern with any book geared to large servings would be that it would also try to use bulk (i.e. canned or processed) ingredients. I could definitely be wrong though! You could also start a thread on tips for large group cooking-- I bet 'Hounds have some great ideas you could pass along to your son.

      1. Check out "Lunch Lessons", Changing the Way We Feed Our Children" by Chef Ann Cooper.