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Mar 12, 2009 04:32 PM

For first timers to new orleans eating your way across the city at these not as much talked about places.

Start out in Chalmette at Rockey and Carlos in Chalmette about 4 miles from the quarter old school lunch place. Into the quarter Fiorellas on decatur for fried chicken. Over to fulton street in the cbd for La Boca for great steaks. Next head over to Dantes Kitchen great bistro. in the riverbend. Over to city park area to Ralphs on the Park dinner only. Lastly finish up at the Rock and Bowl on Carrollton for bowling dancing and chowing down this is a wild great place dont miss it. I just guided you across a wide swath of the city lot of different neighborhoods dont just get stuck in and around the quarter enjoy. Just a suggestion for some newbies.

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  1. Chef Adolfo at LaBoca is as gracious as his food is spectacular. I have tasted almost the entire menu, including desserts, and have not had one mediocre item yet.

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      It's my experience that he maintains that high degree of quality at both establishments , consistently. (LaBoca & RioMar)