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Mar 12, 2009 03:58 PM

Two Boots Pizza?

Anyone been? How is it? Does it compare to their New York counterpart?

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  1. Never been to the one in NY, but it certainly doesn't hold a candle to John's in NY. The crust has an oddly sweet flavor which is not terrible, it's just different. I do like the selection of unusual New Orleans-influenced toppings, since most places here have the same old toppings. I had one slice with jalapenos that was lying around for a while and was just ok, and then a freshly-made cheese slice with optional artichoke and crawfish additions that was quite good.
    It's a good place to have available in that area but I don't think it would be worth a trip from anywhere that already has decent pizza.

      1. I had it the other night with friends and we all thought it was fantastic...!

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          1. re: candee

            In Echo Park, on Sunset Blvd between Alvarado and Echo Park Ave. If you're familiar with the club The Echo, it's right next door.

            I think it's great. Is it the best, most "authentic" pizza in town? WHO CARES!
            I dig the cornmeal crust.
            I also tried the "Central Grocery" po'boy, which is sort of a contradiction since Central Grocery is known for Italian mufulettas, and not Creole po'boys. It's essentially a mufuletta-po'boy hybrid. Is it an authentic po'boy? No way, but who cares, it's a good sandwich.

              1. re: Burger Boy

                The contents are on their menu website:

                A real mufaletta does not have lettuce and mayo and is mainly olive spread. But I guess that's the "po boy" part.

        1. I've been to multiple locations in NYC, and to the one out here recently and thought they were very comparable. It's a twist on NYC pizza, so it's got the thin, crisp, cornmeal crust but also funky combo flavors like cheddar cheeseburger sausage.

          My advice would be to order a small personal sized pizza - which was far tastier (and warmer) than the individual slices. I'm a fan.

          And Candee - it's in Echo Park, right down the street from the Echo and the American Apparel.

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          1. re: thegingerbreadgirl

            I ordered a small pizza with shrimp and crawfish and it was wonderful!
            Definitely better than the slices - the crust is much thinner.....

            1. re: shebop

              Two Boots is a welcome alternative; most importantly in Echo Park, they deliver. Love the white pizza variation and can't wait to try the po'boys. Might represent a certain level of competition for nearby Masa (which has convoluted delivery).

          2. I really like Two Boots. Love the crust with the cornmeal bottom and the great toppings.

            And it's one of the few places where ordering a slice works.

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            1. re: SilverlakeGirl

              So true re ordering a slice and the extra dousing of cornmeal on the crust. And I can't stress the importance of delivery in Echo Park!

              1. re: Vikzen

                Tried a slice at Garage Pizza last week. Mistake! Unlike Two Boots which has about 10 pizza to chose from, Garage Pizza takes a basic cheese slice and adds toppings.

                It was like a hockey puck. Very hard.

                1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                  i much prefer garage pizza. so it goes.