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Mar 12, 2009 03:45 PM

Another knife question (I know they never end)

The Shun Kaji is on sale at Williams Sonoma. I am looking at getting the 6 inch chefs, the cleaver, and the boning knife. This is for people who have these or people who have tried them out and decided they did not like them. Do you like the Kaji or not? Why? Thanks!

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  1. A knife can be a very personal thing. One person may love the way it fits in their hand and the weight may be perfect, but another person may not like it. If, after looking for reviews you hold the knife and get the info from the salesperson , then buy it. WS should stand by their product and allow you to return them if you end up hating them. SLT does.

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      you can't really tell how well it will work for you without using it. see if they'll let you cut up some tomatoes and onions and chop some herbs

    2. They are good quality knives but very unlike their European counterparts (that's good), better steel, lighter and thinner blades, with care they will stay sharper longer. The 8" chef would be a much better choice for your primary knife, at a minimum the 7" Santoku. The cleaver is not a heavy duty Meat/bone cleaver if that is what you are looking for, it is more like a vegetable/raw meat cleaver (or a tall chef's knife) I would consider the bread knife before the cleaver. They are good knives but there are better out there for the same $$. And you either love or hate the handles.


      1. FYI

        I am looking at the Kajis. the blade is as hard as the elite series. Be advised that Shun recommends that when you need to sharpen your knives, you can either send them to Shun, take them to a pro to sharpen, or buy their sharpner. $59.

        1. Back in 1973, I went to a store that sold knives in Detroit. I am from Toronto, Canada. I had a list of questions as to the best knife, that did not require an expert to sharpen it. That did not wear down when using an electric knife sharpener (like the stainless steel knives). Can you use a sharpening stone with stainless steel? Did not leave ghastly hard water stains, etc. This man was well informed. He said that most people THINK that stainless steel knives are the best for food preparation and carving. According to him, they are not.
          He recommended a Carbon-Steel blade and a stone to sharpen it with. It has a wooden handle. Plastic was not a big thing back then. He told me to never soak the handle, dry the knife immediately and to always store it with the blade up in the drawer, protected from other utensils banging it and the knife will last me a life time. And to never ever use an electric knife sharpener on any knife. He actually cringed and laughed. Hey, what can I say, I was young and inexperienced. But at least I had the common sense to ask the right questions from a man that made his living from selling knives and not some clerk in a dep't store.

          He was right. I followed his instructions and I still have that knife. It is in mint condition!
          I have used it every day since I bought it. The large one the chef's use. There is no wear down from sharpening it on the stone. Is extremely sharp. The wood handle is not cracked.

          Bottom line. My Carbon-Steel knife, the butchers quality of knife, has outlasted any stainless steel knife I have ever had. Back in 1973, $100.00 was a lot and I mean a lot of money.....and to pay that for a knife, well, lets say, I was praying that this man did not steer me wrong as I grew up with stainless steel knives and all the chef's on T.V. recommended them.

          I suggest you go to a store with a great return policy and buy 2 food preparation knives, one Carbon-Steel and one Stainless Steel, that fit your hand. Try them out at home. Then and only then will you know what I am talking about. You cannot get the same result with a stainless steel blade like that of the Carbon Steel Blade. The Carbon Steel Blade IS AND STAYS MUCH SHARPER LONGER. Using the stone is easy and fast. But you must learn the technique. The performance of the boning knife and cleaver will blow you away. That's what the butchers use......think about it. Actually, ask a butcher what type of knife he uses and why.

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            no doubt a good carbon steel knife is a good investment, but steel has come a long way since 1973. Some of the Japanese knives and even some of the german knives with new formulations of steel will perfom very well.

          2. best knives, best deal, cost is too high for a knife that you take to work with you for work in a restaurant, but still the best knives available