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Mar 12, 2009 03:44 PM

Loic - how does it work?

i read the review about this place in the now & recall someone on this board saying something, too. i understand it as take-out gourmet, but what's this about it not being fully cooked and you finish the preparation at home??

what's the deal? and is the food tasty? the now review was really good...

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  1. oh p.s. - is it take-out only or can you dine there?

    1. We've ordered there a couple of times. Once the prepared meats, and once the squash/pears, stuffed zucchini and tarte tatin. The food is partially cooked, and then you throw it into the oven for another x minutes to finish it off. We found their instructions a bit off, the squash and zucchini both needed more time in the oven to get to the degree of doneness we like. (It could be that my oven has started running cool again.)

      I liked the stuffed zucchini but the other eater found the citrus note disconcerting, the tarte tatin was nice. The squash wasn't a success for us (the pears overdone and the squash not done at all). That being said, not a home run, but we'll probably be giving them another shot.

      The main problem for me with the concept is that I generally take out when I'm running late. If I have 25 minutes to finish prep, I can make the meal myself.

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        Gave LOIC another try this weekend, the duck confit and mashed potatoes. I left them in the oven a bit longer, and they both turned out beautifully. A tad pricey, but compared to a restaurant meal, well worth it.

      2. This explains it:

        and I think I saw a small lunch counter (sandwiches, soup)

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          thanks to you both. i saw the website - it doesn't seem to explain whether the food can come fully done or just partially, as plainjane says. this is about 5 minutes from my office so i was going to use it as a spot to get lunch or dinner. we don't have an oven in our kitchen so unless you can get a meal fully prepared, it's unlikely that i'd be ordering. what a weird concept, esp. since they offer free delivery (implying that people don't have time to do anything but order/pay and that's it!).

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            They'll cook everything all the way if you want to pick it up. They'll deliver it that way, too, if you prefer.

            1. re: blindbunny

              Full disclosure: I know the owners... but fyi: Chalkboy is right, everything can be ordered fully prepared. Loic actually does quite a bit of their business this way during lunch time, doing catering for local businesses and people that work in the area.

              If you do order out to take home for dinner I recommend giving the "finish it at home" approach a try. Given the quality level of the food it makes a big difference to actually finish the cooking process at home as opposed to reheating something that's already fully cooked. And I've found that the time difference between reheating and finishing really is just a matter of a few minutes anyway...