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Mar 12, 2009 03:34 PM

Bored guy, what should i eat tonight

I'm bored and have nothing to do tonight and tomorrow. I figured maybe i should venture into the city tonight and have something good to eat (not expensive). Anyone have any ideas on where i should go? places where i can just order and sit by myself are best, as in no waiters...even though i would still consider places where i can only have waiter service. I dont know what i'm in the mood for...

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  1. does anyone know if grand sichuan is the type of place where you can order and sit by yourself without a waiter?

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    1. re: ORyan

      ??? Do you mean order up front? No, only for takeout. The waiter/waitress will take your order.

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          You should go to one of those "rice and 4 side dishes" places in Chinatown. You choose what you want and serve yourself a bowl of soup. There are one or two on Division between Market and Bowery, for example. Where are you venturing in from? I ask because I wouldn't travel just for one of those places.

    2. Zeytin is a good place to sit at the bar and have some solid Turkish food in a great atmosphere. It's on the UWS at 85th and Columbus. The bartenders are always friendly and I always end up striking a conversation with other people at the bar.

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        I wasn't thinking of sitting at the bar as an alternative to waiter service. There are lots of places where people can sit at the bar. Is that what you meant, ORyan? If you want to order Chinese food at the bar, I've had good experiences doing that at Congee Village. btw, I've had good experiences at Zeytin, too. Very good mezes, in particular.