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Mar 12, 2009 02:50 PM

Casual early dinner in Oceanside

We're golfing mid-afternoon in Oceanside on Saturday and were hoping we could count on some recommendations for an early, casual dinner. Any recommendations?

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  1. You didn't mention what part of Oceanside you'll be in, but if you're playing Oceanside municipal or Arrowood then let me recommend Capozzoli's. It's a family-run Italian restaurant on the SE corner of Douglas and Mission and it meets your criteria for an early, casual dinner.

    Another solid nearby option is Ocean Thai Cuisine.

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      Yes - we're playing Arrowood - and from what I hear about the narrow fairways, we'll need a couple of bottles of Moretti after the round! I appreciate your recommendations!

      1. re: srk

        Do you like sushi???
        This is a great spot.

        514 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA

      2. I use to be a member at arrowood, decent course, if you are coming from overcrowded la/oc courses, it is a great course. I would highly recommend Marietas mexican on Vandegrift for dinner/drinks. It is on the way to arrowood. It is really good mexican, I usually get the enchiladas suizas and a carne asada quesadilla. Their chips and salsa are great too. This place is a bit out of the way for most people but since you are going out that way I highly recommend it. here is a link.