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Mar 12, 2009 02:31 PM

London Marylebone Questions

I will be staying at the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone for a couple of nights next week and could use recommendations for the area. I want a uniquely London experience - no French, etc. unless I am missing something. I am also on business and won't be in much of a position to travel far. From other posts, I've marked the Golden Hind. What about Indian in the area? Lebanese? Pubs with real ale?

Thanks much.

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  1. Take a fast cab ride and have Lebanese at Ishbilia. The food is excellent.

    1. galvin bistrot de luxe is a short walk from your hotel. simple food, well done. french overtones but don't hold that against them. prices are quite fair. reservation is a good idea. good for solo dining.

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        The Providores in Marylebone Village is worth checking out, and a walk from the Landmark.
        A gastropub worth trying is the Beehive in Crawford St, although I am not sure of the real ale offer, they have a good wine list.
        For high-end Lebanese head to Maroush, although you are not far from Edgeware Road where there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.
        Trishna for Indian - it's a recent opening, but once again pretty high end.

      2. I'd second the recommendation for The Providores on Marylebone High Street. One of my favorite places. New Zealand wine bar. New world menu.

        Golden Hind has good fish, but average chips. It's BYOB so pop into the Nicolas (French wine shop) around the corner beforehand.

        Tomoe for Japanese down the end of Marylebone Lane

        You're not too far from Selfridge's. Try Obika, the mozzarella bar. (2nd floor? Third floor?) Also Oddono's for gelato on the ground floor.

        Most pubs on MHS should have a hand-pump or two for real ale. Nothing jumping out at me. But yes, The Beehive on Crawford Street is nice. As is The Duke of Wellington further down! (I like the food at The Beehive better, but The DoW is more pub-like, in my opinion.)


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          How does Oddono's compare to Marine Ices and Gelato Mio (the latter being my personal favourite)? I think I saw a branch in South Kensington today and it looked decent but had just had a cupcake from Hummingbird so didn't venture inside.

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            No idea! I can only compare Oddono's to Scoop in Covent Garden. I like Scoop better, but Oddono's is still pretty darn good.

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            Providores, Providores, Providores!! Do it!!

            For a more casual gastropub in the area, I'd go with Coco Momo over the Beehive. Food's ok there, but I had one of the worst experiences of my life at their recently opened sister restaurant Osteria dell'Angolo, and have put the whole group on probation.

            For real ale, check out Angel in the Fields pub, on Thayer Street at the very bottom of Marylebone High Street (around the corner from the Golden Hind).

          3. I think my favorite meal during my recent trip was at L'Autre Pied, which I believe is considered to be in the Marylebone area. I don't know that it is a uniquely London experience (my visits to Hereford Road and St. John's were more so), but I'd go back to L'Autre Pied in a heart beat. I believe they also have some very well priced menu du jour/pre-theater sort of thing.



            1. For Lebanese, there is a small place in Blandford Str right off Marylebone High Street called Fairuz. I haven't been there in maybe 18 months (maybe less), but the times I've been there previously it has been worth the visit with good service and decent food at somewhat reasonable prices.

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                I've been to Fairuz a couple of times lately, always very happy with their food. It has always been essential to book - a busy place is not a bad thing if you're eating alone though.

                I would also check out busabaeathai, there's one a short walk away near Selfridges, It's entirely communal seating and the food can be great