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Mar 12, 2009 02:24 PM

Finally...Good Pizza in Clairemont???

Another spinoff from a former Bronx Pizza employee is about to open on Diane Ave. in Clairemont called Fat Tony's. It's just two doors down from Ba Ren on the corner of Diane and Conrad and should finally give Clairemonters (Clairemontians?) a good if not excellent New York-style pie to enjoy.

Hopefully it'll be as good as Luigi's and will give us some relief from the horrid pizza that infests the area. Word has it a couple to a few weeks away from opening and will offer free delivery.

In combination with Ba Ren and Little Sheep we've got ourselves a little hot corner of cuisine in Clairemont!

Oh, boy...

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  1. Great news as it is so much closer to us than Luigi's. Keep us posted!

    1. I don't know the streets you are mentioning, any other landmarks or commercial references?

      Thx for the heads up

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        I think that that's the location of Taste of Italy? Across Diane Ave. from the Diane Center, home of Sorrentino's, Baras Thrift Store, El Cotixan Mexican Food and the Hungry Stick Pool Hall.

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          Diane intersects with Clairemont Mesa Blvd. west of 805, east of 5 and south of 52 and is two blocks east of Genessee Ave. on the north side.

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            ok, know right where it is. Look forward to this, thanks!

          2. Well, Fat Tony's is scheduled to open tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7. I can't wait...I am so pizza starved. Phone # for delivery is 858.268.7700.

            I'll find out soon if the pie is worthy...

            1. Wow!!! The slices I had the other day were fabulous, first rate, nice crispy, almost wafer-like crust, really unique to my experience. The overall flavor was fantastic, excellent sauce and cheese, and they show restraint in both.

              Have also heard nothing but raves from friends who've eaten there. It's my turn tonight!

              Yes indeedy, folks, good pizza in Clairemont!!! Whooda thunk it?

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                Thanks Deckape, I'm always up for trying new pie! ....and btw, while stopping in at Eclipse Chocolat a couple of weeks ago - noticed Luigi's pizzeria opening up a 2nd location right next door.

              2. Chef Husband and I bought a pie to take home last night. The staff was friendly, fun while we waited. The pizza smelled great in the car on the way home, a good sign. CH pronounced it "OK." I thought is was better than OK-- and a real step above what we normally order to be delivered. It was also much better than my one and only time at Bronx, which I found too salty and too much garlic in tomato sauce. The Fat Tony's crust was crispy, thin and tasty. The sausage delicious. Overall, a big YES from me. Not a place to go and hang out (pretty sterile and no vibe) but we will definitely make this our delivery place. If I can stay in clairemont long enough (and generally I hope I don't) someone is bound to realize that real food works here. The populace is changing, and we're tired of driving.

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                  That was a great restaurant report. Thank you for taking the time to write it.