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Mar 12, 2009 02:10 PM

Avocado Smoothies at Lee's

Stopped in at Lee's on Larkin yesterday on my home and saw the avocado smoothy advertised on thier menu board. I've often seen them listed at various asian fast-food type place and wondered what the attraction could be. Well, I took the plunge yesterday and it was great. Smooth, creamy, not too sweet, very nice indeed!

Lee's Sandwiches
625 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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  1. I go to Lee's down in So Cal a lot. I love the avocado smoothies. My kids think me crazy, but they are delicious. I also like their durian smoothies.

    1. I had my 1st avocado smoothie in a couple of years ago. Haven't been to Lee's yet ( I live in San Jose). But they're pretty common at Vietnamese restaurants. I absolutely love them.

      It makes my heart sing !!
      Crushed ice, fresh avocado, splash of milk and a bit of (optional) sugar.

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      1. re: LauraB706

        Filipinos do it too... crushed ice, fresh squashed avocado, some regular milk + condensed milk! Yum!

        We do the same with corn... not bad =) Nice summer snack.

      2. We had avocado popcicles at the New Orleans Farmer's Market last summer and they were awesome.

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        1. re: srr

          Avocado popsicles ??? that sound awesome. I'll have to experiment.

          That reminds me... where can I find avocado ice-cream in the South Bay?
          Any particular brand to recommend / not recommend ?