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Avocado Smoothies at Lee's

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Stopped in at Lee's on Larkin yesterday on my home and saw the avocado smoothy advertised on thier menu board. I've often seen them listed at various asian fast-food type place and wondered what the attraction could be. Well, I took the plunge yesterday and it was great. Smooth, creamy, not too sweet, very nice indeed!

Lee's Sandwiches
625 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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  1. I go to Lee's down in So Cal a lot. I love the avocado smoothies. My kids think me crazy, but they are delicious. I also like their durian smoothies.

    1. I had my 1st avocado smoothie in a couple of years ago. Haven't been to Lee's yet ( I live in San Jose). But they're pretty common at Vietnamese restaurants. I absolutely love them.

      It makes my heart sing !!
      Crushed ice, fresh avocado, splash of milk and a bit of (optional) sugar.


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        Filipinos do it too... crushed ice, fresh squashed avocado, some regular milk + condensed milk! Yum!

        We do the same with corn... not bad =) Nice summer snack.

      2. We had avocado popcicles at the New Orleans Farmer's Market last summer and they were awesome.

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          Avocado popsicles ??? that sound awesome. I'll have to experiment.

          That reminds me... where can I find avocado ice-cream in the South Bay?
          Any particular brand to recommend / not recommend ?